Briana DeJesus Blasts Kailyn Lowry Over Arrest

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MTV/Instagram "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus attacked Kailyn Lowry over her recent arrest and accused her of not having friends.

Just when it seemed like Teen Mom 2 co-stars Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry were about to get along, Briana opened up for a new interview where she dissed her longtime foe–even bringing up her recent arrest.

The two have been on bad terms ever since Briana briefly dated Kailyn’s ex-husband Javi Marroquin, but it seemed like there might have been a pause in their feud after Briana said she could relate to a heartbreaking confession Kailyn shared about “losing herself” during last week’s episode.

The cordial feelings didn’t last for long, with the two apparently reviving their longstanding feud at the Season 10 reunion for Teen Mom 2. According to Briana, host Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Kailyn how it felt to see Briana, and she had nothing to say. Kailyn’s silence infuriated the mother-of-two.

Briana bashed Kailyn for being arrested after her ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez accused her of hitting him. “It’s clear she still has a grudge against me… which, given the news of her arrest yesterday, one would think she’d have better things to worry about like dealing with the courts for allegedly beating her baby Daddy instead of me,” the Florida native told Celeb. “But, Kail will be Kail and there’s no changing that- and, frankly, I don’t care to.”

Briana also accused Kailyn of not being friends with anyone on the Teen Mom 2 cast. She claimed that she and Jade Cline are the only ones who keep in contact with the MTV reality series. Briana remembered the moment as “awkward” when host Dr. Drew asked about who still talks.

“People have always known Leah and Kail to be friends as well as Kail and Chelsea,” Briana said to Celeb.  “It came out that none of them really talk and the only cast members who speak to each other on a consistent basis are Jade and I… and that’s that.”

Briana Says She Has Moved On From Their Old Quarrel

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Pls forgive me lord for I have sinned.

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Still, Briana doesn’t have anything against Kailyn. “I told Kail that it wasn’t that serious, I was happy to see her, and wished her nothing but the best going forward. At that point, Kail still refused to comment and didn’t say anything,” she said. “It’ll be interesting to see what comes out on camera when this airs, but I’ll reiterate- I have NOTHING against Kail anymore, but the same can definitely not be said in the other direction.”

“I kept it classy and she kept it exactly what would be expected,” Briana continued. “She’s immature and shows no growth. It’s sad.”

Kailyn Is Seeking Full Custody of Lux & Creed, The Sons She Shares With Chris

Kailyn denies the assault allegations against her, first unsurfaced in a report by The Sun. The alleged incident occurred after Chris cut Lux’s hair, something that became known on social media as “hairgate.” While the father-of-two maintained it was his right as a father to do whatever he wanted to his child’s hair, Kailyn accused him of being a narcissist.

Kailyn has long accused Chris of being an absent father, but now she’s seeking full custody of the two sons she shares with him.

“Ms. Lowry has filed a petition for custody in the matter involving her children Lux and Creed.  The judge in the Delaware Family Court has ordered the parties to refrain from discussing all domestic matters until after the hearing next year,” her rep said in a statement to Heavy. “Currently, Ms. Lowry has been awarded sole custody of the children despite the allegations pending in Family Court. Ms. Lowry does deny all of the allegations but cannot respond specifically at this time due to the orders of the judge.”

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