‘Teen Mom’ Star Faces Body Shaming After Plastic Surgery

Briana DeJesus

MTV The "Teen Mom" star has undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures since 2016.

“Teen Mom 2” star Briana DeJesus was body-shamed by some viewers after her segment with co-star Jade Cline aired. DeJesus agreed to travel to Miami to help CLine recover from her Brazilian butt lift, a procedure she had done in 2016 with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, better known as “Dr. Miami.”

Cline, 25, experienced a difficult recovery. Her mother Christy Smith disappeared with her prescriptions for more than three hours, leaving DeJesus to call paramedics to help Cline with the pain. While DeJesus was on the phone with 911, MTV filmed a DeJesus from the side, showing off her enhanced curves. While the Orlando native has never complained about her shape, viewers were not impressed. They took to Reddit to shame the mother-of-two.

“So..this is what Jade put her life on the line for huh,” the original poster wrote on June 16. The post garnered more than 400 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

“The problem for me isn’t that people want big butts, it’s that doctors are giving them these huge asses and leaving their skinny a** chicken legs. So it looks so unnatural,” one person wrote. “I’ve always been skinny with a huge a**. Want to know what else is big on me? My thighs.”

“This outfit does not do her any favors but that a** is terrible,” another viewer commented. “It is not attractive. And what happens when she ages? Does her a** sag? I’m imagining this weird saggy butt and pissing myself.”

One fan referenced the Kardashian sisters, who are known for their voluptuous derrieres. “The kartrashians have looked like absolute s*** for YEARS, why do people STILL get this awful procedure done?!” they wrote. “Nobody looks better afterward!!”

DeJesus Had Multiple Procedures Done With ‘Dr. Miami’

While the BBL might be the procedure fans of “Teen Mom 2” are most familiar with, it’s not the only surgery DeJesus had done with Dr. Miami. She also had a labiaplasty and breast implant exchange to get bigger implants, Dr. Salzahuer explained to In Touch Weekly.

The plastic surgery revealed DeJesus could not obtain the look she wanted by going to the gym.

“People look at women in their early 20s having plastic surgery and they say, ‘Oh, they’re too young for that,’” the doctor told the publication. “But really that’s not true.”

“It’s about what has your body been through and what can we do to improve it,” he continued. “If you have kids when you’re a late teen and you’re done having kids, at least for a while, you pretty much missed your whole teenage years.”

DeJesus Went to Dr. Miami for a Second Time

One time wasn’t enough for DeJesus. The mother-of-two visited Dr. Salzhauer for a second time in January 2021 to get new breast implants.

“Really can’t believe im about to get some new t**ties again 😂😂😂,” she tweeted at the time, per The Sun. “Pray for me yalllllll”

The Florida resident defended herself against people who slammed her for altering her body. “The plastic surgery I got done shouldn’t matter cause I still take care of my kids. My kids never go without,” she said.

“I make sure my kids have everything before I get a new a**,” DeJesus continued. “Plus I never even paid for my surgery it was all for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”

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