Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Fans React to Briana DeJesus’ New Boyfriend

Briana DeJesus Bobby Scott

MTV "Teen Mom" fans had some thoughts after Briana DeJesus introduced them to her new boyfriend, 42-year-old security guard Bobby Scott. 

“Teen Mom” fans had some thoughts after Briana DeJesus introduced them to her new boyfriend, 42-year-old security guard Bobby Scott.

DeJesus, 28, and Scott met on the set of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion.”

Fans had a robust reaction to Scott’s introduction on the Heavy on Teen Mom Facebook page, with a majority of people saying they didn’t think Scott and DeJesus would last. A post about the relationship garnered more than 100 reactions and dozens of comments.

“Her relationships never last. It’s not the men, it’s her!” reads one of the most popular comments on the Heavy on Teen Mom page.

Some people were worried about how the relationship would affect DeJesus’ two daughters: 11-year-old Nova and 5-year-old Stella.

“It not only always ends up going nowhere, but her daughters see instability over and over!” they said.

Other people wondered if the age gap had something to do with DeJesus’ father leaving her family when she was young.

People Were ‘Pissed’ About the Relationship

It was previously reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Scott worked as a bodyguard for MTV, but in the October 18 episode of “The Next Chapter,” fans learned that Scott was the bodyguard for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. The Florida resident flew to Michigan to see him and met with up with the Baltierras while she was in the area.

The relationship doesn’t come without consequences. According to The Ashley, Scott and all the people who worked on his team were fired after DeJesus confessed to MTV higher-ups that they were an item.

As a result, not everyone was happy to hear that DeJesus found love with Scott.

“Producers, crew members and even some of the cast members are pissed,” an insider told The Ashley. “Because of Briana and Bobby, so many great people lost their jobs, and those people did nothing wrong.”

The Baltierras, however, seemed excited that DeJesus was dating their former bodyguard.

“He is a very, like, standup guy,” Lowell said. “Love and destiny works in crazy f****** ways. I’m excited to see where your future unfolds.”

“Me too,” Baltierra added.

DeJesus & Scott Might Have Broken Up Already

Fans might be meeting Scott for the first time, but it’s possible that the relationship is already over. DeJesus said in September that they were trying to figure things out.

“How’s your relationship going,” a fans asked via Instagram stories.

“Trying to figure some things out rn,” DeJesus answered. 

Some people think the couple broke up after nine months of dating because of an October 12 post penned by a Teen Mom fan page, called Teen Mom Fanz.

The account didn’t cite their source, and DeJesus didn’t confirm the gossip.

In August, said that she was “very happy” with her new man and that she saw a future with him.

“This is the first real mature relationship that I’ve ever really experienced,” DeJesus told E! News. “This is a grown man. This is not a little boy. He’s wanting to settle down.”

“I finally found somebody that I could just be myself with and he accepts me for who I am,” she added.

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