Teen Mom Star Receiving Death Threats From Fans

Teen Mom

MTV A "Teen Mom 2" star revealed on Instagram that she's been receiving death threats.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus revealed on Instagram that she’s been receiving death threats while fighting with ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin.

Briana and Devoin had been arguing after he leaked her phone number on Instagram earlier in the season. People started to call, text and leave Briana voicemails, leaving her phone useless. During the episode on the season finale, she had to turn her phone off and get a new number. When Devoin was asked if he regretted blasting Briana’s personal number, he simply didn’t.

“I didn’t do it on purpose but at the same time, OH WELL,” he replied, as noted by Teen Mom Tea. “She for ONCE felt my pain.”

“I had people come up to me at my job,” he continued. “F*** a text. People send my IG [hundreds] of messages bashing me on INCORRECT information. So her having a little hectic three hours is whatever to me!”

Briana Says She’s Used To the Criticism

When Briana found out what Devoin had said, she claimed she too is constantly harassed online but she chooses to not pay attention to it. “Let me be clear, I get hate mail every day, I get tons of [messages] bashing me,” she wrote. “I have gotten people bash me in public. I get death threats. I get judged. People are cruel out there. I’ve always felt that kind of pain but I never let it get to me.”

To try to get past the alleged harassment, Briana blocks trolls and doesn’t read the comments online. “I learned not to Google myself, I turn my comments off, I live in a place where my neighbors hate me!” she said.

Briana blocks “hundreds” of people a day. “I learn to zone it out. So just because I carry it well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy,” she said. “So ‘living your pain for three hours’ is bullshit. I [live] it every day.”

The mother-of-two finished by saying: “Even if you don’t do anything wrong, being known and being on TV, you’ll still get judged. So please…”

Briana’s Mom Was Accused of Calling Devoin The N-Word

After Devoin “accidentally” leaked Briana’s number, her mother Roxanne was furious. While slamming Devoin, MTV bleeped out one of her words and some fans accused her of using the N-word.

“Let me tell you something, what he did today, exposing your number to the public was shady,” Roxanne said on the December 29 episode. “He did that to be spiteful, but that’s illegal what he did. Next, they’ll be knocking on our f***ing door cause this (bleep) went out and gave out your information.”

Briana wrote in an Instagram post that has since been deleted that her mom was “falsely accused of something horrific.” 

During an interview with Champion Daily, Briana claimed that her mother called Devoin a d***. “I want to be very clear and very direct — my Mom absolutely, 100% did not say that word,” she said. “While I’m not condoning name-calling, who could blame her after what he did?”

Roxanne “is the farthest thing from racist that there is in the world,” she added.

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