Briana DeJesus Gets Heat From Fans After Posting Instagram Story

Briana DeJesus

MTV Briana DeJesus gets in trouble for posting Instagram stories of her daughter wearing makeup.

“Teen Mom’s” Briana DeJesus has been slammed by fans for letting her 4-year-old daughter wear makeup on more than one occasion, according to The Sun.

In the photo above, Stella can be seen wearing red lipstick on her face for her first day of school.

Then, on July 19, DeJesus uploaded an Instagram story that showed her youngest one wearing lipstick and eyeshadow, once again.

According to The Sun, one fan asked, “Why does your pre-k child have lipstick on?” And another wrote, “Way too young for the bright lipstick.”

A third commented, “Did you really let her wear red lipstick to school or it was a joke?”

The comments are no longer active, as Instagram stories last for just 24 hours, but have rubbed the mother of two the wrong way.

Here’s what you need to know:

DeJesus Has Confirmed She’s Single

On August 19, DeJesus confirmed she was single in an Instagram live that was captured by Teen Mom Shade Room.

Asked, “Are you single?” DeJesus simply replied, “Yes.”

According to Yahoo, prior to DeJesus admitting she was single, she was asked about her relationship status and said, “I am not getting married any time soon. Maybe next 5 years?”

Briana DeJesus & Javi Gonzalez’s Relationship

In May 2021, DeJesus opened up exclusively to E! News about her then-boyfriend, Javi Gonzalez. She said, “His name is Javi, which is weird, I know… We’ve been taking it very slow. I try not to keep him around the cameras too much because he’s not very comfortable. He’s still very shy and he doesn’t really understand the whole TV life so I try to keep him separate as much as I can, which is a struggle for me because I feel like I’m living a triple life: mom life, TV life, and then girlfriend life.”

She added, “I’m navigating and I’m trying and I hope he’s the one. He’s so nice. I’ve never met a man this sincere and genuine and that respects me so much.”

DeJesus concluded, “He didn’t really know how popular the show was until people started finding stuff out about him. He kind of got a little scared. He just took some steps back and we’re trying to ease our way into this whole grand appearance. He’s going to be on Teen Mom—I think an episode or two—but I try my very hardest not to film with him.”

It’s unclear exactly what happened between the two– especially since DeJesus posted an Instagram story in late May stating that Gonzalez was her “future hubby” and that they were engaged.

Speaking to E! in late May, DeJesus shared, “I just feel like he knows who I am and he accepts what comes with me, but it’s still not fair to just throw him to the wolves like I did with [my ex] John [Rodriguez]… I think that was the wrong thing that I did in my past relationships. I put it all out there and sometimes, certain people can’t handle it or they’re not ready for it. I have to respect his wishes and his decisions, and he’s OK with people knowing about us, but he’d rather keep some stuff private, and I understand and I get it.”

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