Teen Mom Star Talks ‘Drug Deal’ Drop-Offs

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MTV A "Teen Mom 2" star is missing the days she and her baby daddies looked like they were doing drugs deals.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is missing the days she and her baby daddies looked like they were doing drugs deals. The MTV reality star made the comparison while reminiscing about how different co-parenting used to be before the coronavirus pandemic. Briana shares 9-year-old daughter Nova with Devoin Austin and 3-year-old Stella with Luis Hernandez.

“I can’t wait for the day that me and my baby daddies can look like drug dealers–meeting up in random parking lots to drop off/pick up the kids,” Briana, 26, tweeted on September 23, as noted by Us Weekly. “This mama needs a break.”

When a fan wrote that her children will be driving by the time things are back to normal, she wrote back, “Lmfao let me keep dreaming.”

Briana Says Luis Gave Her An STD

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In the newest episodes of Teen Mom 2, Luis started coming around again after Briana visited him at the club when he was DJing. They had unprotected sex twice, and Luis started coming around more to see Stella, but Briana said he abanded them again after she called him out for giving her chlamydia.

Briana told Celeb Magazine she allowed MTV to film her STD test since getting checked out is what “a responsible sexually active adult should do.” However, she didn’t expect that the test would come back positive. “This really ended up screwing me this time, as it turned out Luis had given me an STD and, for course, it was now caught on film,” she said.

The ‘Teen Mom’ Star Said Luis Isn’t Seeing His Daughter Anymore

Briana was upset and angry with Luis and their fractured relationship has affected their daughter. She claimed he’s not coming around to see Stella anymore.

“I cut ties with him and, rather than him continue to come around for his daughter, he decided to take the fact that I wouldn’t be with him after he screwed me over like this out on Stella,” the mother-of-two told Celeb Magazine. “He stopped coming around to see her completely and he doesn’t even call to check in on her. He’s just pulled his usual ‘gone missing’ card all because his dumb a** gave me an STD, I confronted him about it, and cut him off.”

Briana admitted that it’s also her fault that she got the STD since she decided to have unprotected sex, but what hurts most is that he’s abandoned them again. “He gave Stella (and me) an ounce of hope he could actually be a father figure in her life,” she said. “I take accountability for my part in this, but I’m still mad at him for what he’s done to me and Stella.”

Even though she’s angry with Luis, she will still “tolerate” him if he does come around for the sake of her daughter. “Is there anything that will ever happen between us again? Most definitely not,” the 26-year-old told In Touch Weekly. “He is the father of my child, so I don’t want to talk badly [about] him.”

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