Briana DeJesus Breaks Silence on Kailyn Lowry’s Defamation Lawsuit

Briana DeJesus Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus said she was not going to accept the defamation lawsuit filed against her by fellow MTV personality Kailyn Lowry.

“Teen Mom 2” star Briana DeJesus said she was not going to accept the defamation lawsuit filed against her in June by fellow MTV personality Kailyn Lowry.

Lowry accused DeJesus of “harm” after the Florida native said Lowry was cut from a June 8 episode of “Teen Mom 2” because she wanted to talk about her home build instead of problems with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez. On August 9, DeJesus filed a lawsuit of her own claiming Lowry’s lawsuit was “meritless” and should be dismissed, according to documents observed by Heavy.

DeJesus told Celebuzz on August 10 she wanted to courts to put an end to the lawsuit.

“I will just say that I think this lawsuit was not a good use of the court system, and I look forward to the judge seeing it for what it is, and ending this as quickly as the judge can,” she said.

DeJesus, 27, maintained she was flexing her First Amendment right when she spoke out against Lowry.

“My family emigrated to this great country because we were seeking freedom,” she told Celebuzz.

“The greatest freedom we have is the First Amendment,” the mother-of-two continued. “If someone wants to sue me for exercising my First Amendment rights, they are not only coming after me, but after the generations of freedom-seeking people who have made this the greatest country in the world. None of us will accept this without a fight.”

DeJesus’ Lawyer Accused Lowry of Trying to ‘Silence a Critic’

In DeJesus’ lawsuit against Lowry, attorney Marc Randazza said it should be “dismissed with prejudice in its entirety,”  documents obtained by Heavy read.

The suit claimed that Lowry’s complaint is “meritless and directed exclusively at protected speech on a matter of public concern brought for the purpose of harassing and trying to silence a critic, rather than to vindicate any of Lowry’s rights.”

DeJesus referenced Lowry’s September 2020 arrest, which was first flagged by The Sun. Lowry was accused of “punching” Lopez, though the charges against her were inevitably dropped and the incident was expunged from her record, Lowry’s rep told Heavy.

Lowry Hasn’t Publcliy Responded to Her Court Battle With DeJesus

Since filing a lawsuit against DeJesus through her attorney in June, Lowry has not issued a public statement about her court battle.

She previously talked about sending non-disclosure agreements out to her friends after she had a fallout with longtime confidant Mark Allen.

“These people are going through these huge lengths to tell their side when I have the proof,” Lowry said on her “Coffee Convos” podcast in June. “I know in my hearts of hearts if I stay quiet the truth will come out and I don’t have to say anything.”

Lowry later told “Baby Mamas No Drama” co-host Vee Rivera that she wanted those closest to her to signs NDAs so they wouldn’t spread lies about her in case their relationship soured.

“One person in particular that I’m thinking of, I was mind blown at what happened,” she said.

“I’m not perfect. I have not been an angel,” Lowry continued. “But, that being said, I feel like I own my s*** most of the time, even when I don’t like it, so it’s hard when people are trying to create this narrative and it’s not true.”

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