Teen Mom Briana DeJesus Makes Assault Accusation

Briana DeJesus

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus made assault accusations against an ex of Kailyn Lowry.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus made an assault accusation against Kailyn Lowry’s baby daddy and ex Chris Lopez, saying Chris choked Kailyn, according to Celeb magazine.

Briana and Chris briefly flirted on social media, but things soured after Chris’ dad, William “Busta” Loper, accused Briana of having STDs. He added that Kailyn is 100% better than her co-star and called Briana “crazy.”

“For the record, the STD I had was cleared up by medication. Last I checked the fact that Chris choked Kail in the past isn’t something medication will erase,” she told Celeb magazine. MTV cameras were rolling when Briana was diagnosed with chlamydia after she had unprotected sex with her ex, Luis Hernandez.

“I don’t want Chris at all … and it’s kinda funny his Dad is worried about me. He should worry about Kail trying to take out PFAs on his son only to turn around and get impregnated by him again,” Briana told Celeb, referencing the former couple’s newborn son, Creed. Kailyn and Chris also share 3-year-old son Lux together.

“And he should be worried about the toxic relationship Chris and Kail have and how they act like two-year-olds hopping on social media to take digs at each other ALL THE TIME only to turn around and have more kids together,” Briana added.

She wrapped up the interview by reiterating the allegations once more. “God bless my Mama for raising me right, as I’ll never accept a man who puts his hands on me,” she said to Celeb. “If that makes Kail a better choice for Chris, then so be it.”

Chris Said He Was Being ‘Petty’ by Liking Briana’s Picture


Chris took to Instagram Live after Teen Mom fans noticed that he liked Briana’s photo. He admitted that he was being “petty” by double-tapping on the picture, well aware that the Teen Mom 2 co-stars have been at odds. The feud between the mothers started after Briana briefly dated Javi Marroquin, who was previously married to Kailyn for three years.

“It was one picture, bro. One picture. Are you butthurt about one picture?” Chris said, according to In Touch Weekly. “At the time I was being petty. I can admit it, at the time I was being petty. I was angry. It happens. I’m a human. Y’all like pictures every day. S*** I do too. I just came across a picture I liked.”

Briana Doesn’t Know Why She & Kailyn Are Still Fighting

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Pls forgive me lord for I have sinned.

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The bitterness between Kailyn and Briana has lasted much longer than her relationship with Javi. The two only dated for a few months before they broke up, with Briana saying they split because she wanted to get plastic surgery and Javi didn’t approve.

The girls’ feud endured, and Briana isn’t sure why. “I’m not quite sure what her issue is with me now. While she thinks she’s ‘above’ me — and everyone else for that matter — the truth is that we all ended up on Teen Mom because we got pregnant at 16,” the Florida native told Champion Daily. “For all of our ‘differences,’ we all started from the same place.”

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