Briana DeJesus to Sue Kailyn Lowry for Over $120,000

Teen Mom

MTV The drama isn't over just yet: "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus might sue Kailyn Lowry for more than $120,000.

The drama isn’t over just yet: “Teen Mom 2″ star Briana DeJesus might sue Kailyn Lowry for more than $120,000, the legal fees she shelled out while defending herself in the defamation case.

In June 2021, Lowry sued DeJesus for saying she was arrested on a domestic violence charge. A judge dismissed the suit on April 18, saying there wasn’t enough evidence to prove DeJesus acting with “actual malice.”

DeJesus might have won the case, but she’s not done taking her victory lap just yet. The “Teen Mom 2” star wrote on Instagram, “Kail went after me (legally) and now I’m going after her (legally) #LinkinBio for FULL LETTER from MY LAWYER.”

DeJesus’ attorney, Marc Randazza, sent a letter to Lowry’s legal team, which was shared by Celebuzz, where he said DeJesus wants to be reimbursed for the $120,096.87 she paid in legal fees.

“Pursuant to Florida’s anti-SLAPP statute, the court is required to award Ms. [Briana] Soto her attorney’s fees and costs. I am writing to see if we can come to an agreement on payment of fees before we proceed to filing our motion,” the letter said, according to Celebuzz.

“Ms. Lowry may be tempted to appeal the court’s decision; needless to say, we do not believe that such an appeal will ultimately be successful,” Randazza continued, per Celebuzz. “Worse for Ms. Lowry, when she ultimately fails to overturn the Court’s decision, she will be on the hook for a much more substantial fee award, as any fees Ms. Soto incurs in connection with an appeal in this matter will be taxable against Ms. Lowry.”

The letter finishes with Randazza saying they are open will reducing the proposed scheduled payments unless it’s “unreasonable.”

DeJesus vowed to get all her money back. “Y’all buggin if you think I’m dropping anything lol I want every cent back plus some if that’s what it takes. It may have just ended for y’all but it just started for me,” she tweeted. 

Lowry Said the Judge’s Decision Was ‘Unfortunate’

Lowry was not pleased when she learned she had not won her lawsuit against DeJesus.

“While today’s ruling is unfortunate, I have to respect the judge’s decision. With that being said, I stand by my truth and the information spread about me was and still is not true,” Lowry wrote on Instagram.

“I would like to thank my legal team for fighting for me, and I am looking forward to life after this lawsuit so I can refocus my energy solely on my boys and future business endeavors,” she added.

Why the Judge Dropped the Case

In part of the judge’s decision, he maintained that DeJesus — also known as Briana DeJesus — didn’t defame Lowry because she was, in fact, arrested after an incident involving her ex-boyfriend, Chris Lopez, and a fight over their son’s haircut.

“Lowry was arrested for a claim she battered Lopez in his mother’s house related to her child’s haircut,” the judge said in his decision. “The mere addition of Soto’s statement about ‘breaking and entering’ does not change the gist of the statement that Lowry had been arrested.”

“It was widely publicized that Lowry had been arrested for domestic violence and Soto’s comments on the issue were substantially true,” the judge continued. “The damage to Lowry’s reputation, if any, had already occurred when the incident was publicized by news media.”

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