EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Cheyenne Bryant Says Briana DeJesus Had ‘Life-Changing’ Experience

Briana DeJesus

MTV "Teen Mom" star Briana DeJesus had a "life-changing" experience during season 1 of "Teen Mom: Family Reunion," according to Dr. Cheyenne "Coach B" Bryant.

“Teen Mom” life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant — who is leading the retreat on season 2 of “Teen Mom” Family Reunion — said Briana DeJesus was able to have a “life-changing experience” the first time she went on a retreat with Bryant during season 1.

Bryant told Heavy in a phone interview was disappointed that DeJesus was sent home early from season 2 for fighting with Ashley Jones. DeJesus and her mom, Roxanne DeJesus, as well as Jones and her mom, Tasheilia “Pastor Tea” Chapple, were forced to leave “Family Reunion” after Jones spit on DeJesus and DeJesus threw a flask at Jones.

Bryant said there “absolutely” was more work she could have done with DeJesus, whose intention was to improve her relationship with her mother.

“She was heartbroken, she was in tears, she really came [to Family Reunion] because season 1 for her was life-changing,” Bryant told Heavy about DeJesus being forced to leave.

Bryant, 39, refers to herself as a “psychology expert” on her website who holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. She was inspired to become a therapist and life coach after embarking on her own healing journey, according to her website.

Season 1 of ‘Family Reunion’ Hugely Impacted DeJesus, According to Bryant

Season 1 of “Family Reunion” focused on the “Teen Mom” stars’ relationships with the fathers of their children. DeJesus shares her 11-year-old daughter, Nova, with her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin, and her 5-year-old daughter, Stella, with her ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez. Hernandez has been largely out of the picture, but Austin has stepped up for Nova and Stella and attended season 1, while Hernandez did not.

Austin and DeJesus had problems to work through, but Bryant said she was able to help them improve their communication.

“It really put her in a different space to be able to co-parent in a moment when she couldn’t co-parent with both of the fathers of her children,” Bryant said. “She was able to be able to process things on her own.”

Season 2 of “Family Reunion” is focused on the cast members improving the relationships they have with their mothers, and Bryant wanted to help provide Roxanne DeJesus with the same tools she gave her daughter in season 1.

“From Briana’s experience season 1 was life-changing for her, and she wanted her mother to have that experience as well,” the life coach continued. “I felt that for her, I wanted her to stay.”

Bryant wasn’t the only one who wanted to stay. Her “Teen Mom” co-star Jade Cline, as well as the cast, also wanted DeJesus and her mom to remain on the retreat.

The Head Higher Ups at MTV Said DeJesus Broke Her Contract

“Teen Mom” executive producer Larry Musnik appeared on episode 4 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” season 2 to tell DeJesus and her mom that they were being sent home for breaking their contracts.

“So we’ve deemed that specifically, in this case, the throwing of the yellow water bottle canister… that is a significant breach of contract and the rules that we discussed,” he said.

DeJesus maintained that she was defending herself, but the producers didn’t budge. “It doesn’t matter first or not… you’re gonna have to go home,” Musnik explained.

DeJesus didn’t think it was right she had to go home.

“I’m in shock. I have to leave? I wasn’t the aggressor,” she said in a confessional. “I wasn’t here to cause problems. I was literally trying to defend myself and for me to have to go home because of that is really sad. I still don’t understand why I have to go home and I don’t think it’s fair but it is what it is.”

Season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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