Teen Mom Star Reveals Ex-Boyfriend Is Missing

Briana Jade

MTV The "Teen Mom 2" star said he was "MIA."

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus claimed her ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez is “MIA”. The MTV personality was called out by fans for fighting with Devoin Austin, the father of her oldest daughter, while she has been silent about Luis, the father of Stella. During this season of Teen Mom 2, cameras caught Stella saying that she didn’t like Luis and that she preferred Devoin, who she spends more time with.

Briana made the claim while responding to a fan who blasted her for riding Devoin while she’s seemingly let Luis slide. “Lmao Luis is MIA. Haven’t heard from him, seen him, idk if he’s even alive,” she tweeted on December 22. “And yes I am a cry baby, leave me alone lol and I only stay at ones neck cause he can do better and he should. I can’t find baldys neck to even be on it.”

She doesn’t want to try to find him either. “That’s extra effort I don’t have at the moment,” the mother-of-two continued. “Maybe in the new year ill dedicate some time to think about what would be ideal for my kids but right now I’m taking it day by day.”

The Florida native added in a third message: “I always get mixed feelings about it. We’ll see.”

Briana Is Looking Forward to ‘Teen Mom 2’ Ending

Overall, this season hasn’t been easy for Briana. The first few episodes opened with her being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection and she’s been fighting with Devoin on the show and in real-time.

“Can’t wait for this season to end,” she wrote on December 22. “Definitely struggled with a lot inside and out…. also can’t wait for what I call this my quiet time… I can sorta go back to some normalcy and it keeps me sane.”

Drama erupted between Briana and Devoin after he claimed that she and MTV fabricated a text exchange about picking their duaghter Nova up from school. “MTV I wanna know why I just watched myself have a conversation with Briana via text message that I never had????” he said. “Y’all literally making s*** up now??? Ya got me majorly f***ed up. I have every conversation word for word me and Briana have had from October last year… Ya really going too far now.”

“I’m a young man who doesn’t delete s***,” he continued. “So why can’t I type those words in my iMessage app and that text pop up???”

Briana Felt Grateful During the Holiday Season

Even though it’s been a tough year, Briana was pleased with how her life has gone overall. She bought her daughters everything they wanted for Christmas, including the house they live in and all the furniture that’s in it.

“While I was setting up the girls’ gifts I realized two things. 1)American girl is lit and their accessories and furniture are worth every penny lmao 2) I really bought pretty much everything in my home + the home and I’m proud of myself also grateful. Thank u god!” she said on Christmas Eve.

“Kinda sounded snobby in my last tweet but I’m just proud of myself. I never feel proud but tonight I am. I really sacrificed a lot but it was worth it. My healthy beautiful family is all I need! Again, thank you god for always looking out! I pray often but I do love my god,” Briana continued. “Like I did all of this? Wow!”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom 2 when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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