Briana DeJesus Shares Her ‘End Goal’ With ‘Teen Mom’

Briana DeJesus

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Briana DeJesus

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Briana DeJesus is almost ready to move into the new home that she purchased as a Christmas present to herself and her two daughters Nova (11) and Stella (5), however the reality television star has some reservations about this fresh start, as she shared in a March 24 Instagram story.

“Installation and color are finally getting done!” Briana wrote over a progress photo of her home’s interior, “I am nervous to move in. First home I purchased I was more excited bc I was able to move my whole family and now here we are – venturing off (just me and the kids) I am extremely grateful. I prayed for this.”

Briana purchased her first home in 2019, after living in an apartment with her mother Roxanne, sister Brittany, and two young daughters. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, when it was time to move, Roxanne and Brittany joined Briana, Nova, and Stella in the new home, however Briana made it clear that that living situation was not permanent, tweeting at the time, “I got a forever home that we can always go back to. Doesn’t mean everyone is living together forever.”

Briana DeJesus Shares Her ‘End Goal’

Briana continued her Instagram story, writing in a new slide, “I worked so hard, went thru the worst depression, put my life on national tv and did things that took me out of character for this. I suffered [quietly] and kept it pushing bc I knew I had to get to the end goal. I made plans and conquered them within 6 years. I know god was always in my corner even during the rough times. I know he is always looking out for me. ❤️ some of yall will say – it’s just a house but to me, it’s more than that. It is proof to never give up.

“It may not be a mansion,” DeJesus continued, “I may not have the white picket fence dream with a big family every girl dreams about but I’m the first woman in my family to own multiple homes without needing help from a man (no offense) I will continue to work hard for my kids bc they deserve it! I want to give them everything I didn’t get to have during my childhood. Generational wealth is my end goal. Leaving my kids with everything so they don’t have to struggle like we did. I love my kids more than anything!”

Briana made her reality television debut over a decade ago when she appeared in season four of “16 and Pregnant” in 2012, and then added to the “Teen Mom 3” cast in 2013. While the “Teen Mom 3” spinoff only lasted one season, Briana was tapped to join the “Teen Mom 2” cast for their eighth season in 2017 and has been with the show since, also appearing on the “Next Chapter” and “Family Reunion” spinoffs.

Briana DeJesus Took Her Family on Vacation

Although Briana has plans to move her and her daughters into their new home sooner rather than later, the MTV star is still making memories with her entire family, and shared a post on March 18 full of photos from their family vacation aboard a Disney Cruise. While on the cruise, the DeJesuses traveled to Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman Island, and The Bahamas, and took photos of all of their experiences, including climbing Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica (an experience which Briana said gave her a “panic attack”) and holding macaws, stingrays, and dolphins.

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