PHOTO: Briana DeJesus Shows Off New Thigh Tattoo

Briana DeJesus

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Briana DeJesus

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Briana DeJesus is no stranger to tattoos. In a February 27 Instagram story, DeJesus shared progress photos from her latest trip to the tattoo parlor.

“Can’t wait to finish it ❤️,” DeJesus ended her story, tagging her tattoo artist, Darren Hutcherson. The tattoo, which takes up the entire front of DeJesus’s right thigh, is a creepy image of a sea creature with a woman’s face, sharp teeth, and a long, pointy tongue, as well as fins on the sides of her head, a bony hand, and three heads of eel-like creatures surrounding her.

The new work of art is positioned above an existing tattoo of DeJesus’s of a quote that reads “Just because I carry it all so well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.”

See DeJesus’s newest tattoo, which was reposted by a “Teen Mom” fan page on Instagram, below.

Fans React to Briana DeJesus’s New Tattoo

After a “Teen Mom” fan page shared DeJesus’s new tattoo photo, fans of the show chimed into the comment section with their opinions. Many did not fully understand the tattoo, with one fan writing, “Wtf is it? An eel coming out of her neck? Are those fins? How does this tie into the quote under? I’m so f***ing confused”.

Others understood what the tattoo was of, but were not big fans, with one user writing “Ummm… it’s very dark!!! Perfect for her though 🙄” and another adding “It’s pretty horrific if you ask me….. the artist did a good job but this design is just a no”.

Many other fans expressed confusion over whether or not the quote tattoo and the sea creature tattoo were meant to go together, and if not, why they were so close to one another.

This is not DeJesus’s first horror-themed tattoo, as the reality star showed off photos in November 2022 of a new tattoo of the Ghostface mask, which paid reference to the “Scream” series of movies. At that time, DeJesus told fans, “I will show you guys the finished project. Well, not finished because I think this project that we have in mind is going to take more than one session. I’m going to start on my leg. It’s going to be, like, a horror theme with my favorite horror characters all over my leg,” meaning her latest sea creature design could be a part of this horror motif that DeJesus is setting out to complete.

Briana DeJesus Has Matching Tattoos With ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Members

DeJesus has gotten multiple matching tattoos with “Teen Mom” cast members over the years. In a 2018 episode of “Teen Mom 2”, DeJesus and her now-ex fiancé Javi Marroquin (who was also married to “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry) got matching chess piece tattoos to symbolize their status as “king” and “queen”.

More recently, in January 2023, DeJesus got matching tattoos with her ex Devoin Austin, as well as her “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” Jade Cline, Cline’s fiance Sean Austin, and DeJesus’s friend Shae Kogut. The tattoos were themed after the suits in a deck of cards (with Devoin getting a joker since there were more people than suits available).

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