Brittany DeJesus Reacts to Briana & Roxanne’s ‘Family Reunion’ Behavior

Brittany DeJesus is sharing her thoughts on the "Family Reunion" drama

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Brittany DeJesus is sharing her thoughts on the "Family Reunion" drama

This week on “Teen Mom: Family Reunion”, viewers saw the long-anticipated fight between Briana DeJesus, Ashley Jones, and their mothers, Roxanne and Pastor Tea, respectively. The January 17, 2023 episode, called “Double Mamma Drama”, saw Roxanne get upset with Ashley and Pastor Tea for things they’ve said about Briana on social media. Pastor Tea was ready to respond and became upset when she felt like Roxanne was not giving her the floor to speak as she had just given Roxanne.

Tensions escalated over the course of the night, and what began as a screaming match ended with both “Teen Mom” cast members and their mothers getting physical, and Ashley spitting on Briana. In the end, all four cast members were removed from the trip.

After the episode, Briana’s sister Brittany DeJesus took to Twitter to share her feelings on her mother and sister’s behavior during the fight, and explain what she would have done differently in their position.

Brittany DeJesus Disagreed With Her Sister & Mother ‘Doing the Most’ in ‘Family Reunion’ Fight

Brittany DeJesus made it clear that she did not approve of her mother and sister’s actions in “Teen Mom: Family Reunion”, which many fans have weighed in on over social media, saying that Roxanne and Briana were “bullying” Ashley and Pastor Tea.

“Why did I have to see my family doing the most on tik tok? Like damn eat ya food at the table and keep ya mouth shut and make ya money honey 😭 Had me lose out on a check over cry baby ass internet drama lol. But hopefully they got some damn ratings so I can get a check next time,” Brittany tweeted.

While Brittany is not referencing one TikTok in particular, there are already many videos on the platform related to the “Family Reunion” fight, with more than one video racking up over 1 million views in just one day. One of these clips shows the four cast members involved in the fight being removed from the “Family Reunion” house. While fan reaction is split, many of the comments do refer to Briana and Roxanne as the instigators of the fight, even if they disagree with Ashley spitting on Briana in the house.

Brittany goes on to say that despite being upset with her family for being removed from the trip and therefore not be included in several of the episodes to come, she is not certain how she would have reacted in the same scenario.

“I’m ratchet too don’t get me wrong, but when money is involved I try my best to be on good behavior cause I don’t wanna get kicked out. However… if I would’ve saw spit flying that would’ve been my queue cause don’t disrespect my family like that. That shit is disgusting,” Brittany tweeted in response to a fan calling her “the wise one of the trio”.

Is Brittany DeJesus Engaged?

Brittany DeJesus sparked engagement rumors in late 2022 when she posted photos with her boyfriend Steven on Christmas Day, where some eagle-eyed followers have spotted what they believe to be an engagement ring on her finger. Brittany has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, which began months prior in September 2022, when she posted an Instagram story to show off her new manicure that featured a diamond ring on her finger.

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