16 & Pregnant: Camryn Gives Update On Her Relationship With Her Mother

Camryn Fields

Instagram/Camryn Fields "16 and Pregnant" subject Camryn Fields updated viewers about her current relationship with her mother and how things are going with her boyfriend.

16 and Pregnant subject Camryn Fields updated viewers about her current relationship with her mother and how things are going with her boyfriend. On their October 27 episode, fans saw how Camryn became pregnant at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from having to deal with COVID-19, Camryn also struggled to navigate her relationship with her mother, who she feared might be interfering too much in her relationship.

During an interview with Heavy, Camryn had good news to tell. Things with her mother are better than they have ever been. “My current relationship with my mom is better than it has ever been. We get along way better and understand each other a lot more now than we ever have, I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I’m so proud to call her my mom,” she said.

Camryn’s boyfriend, Cam Stevens, also occasionally struggled to get along with his girlfriend’s mother, but that has also changed since 16 and Pregnant cameras were rolling. “Cam and my mom have been getting along VERY well and I am so happy that things have finally settled down and become how they are today, because without that I feel like all of us would’ve fallen apart.”

Camryn & Cam Have Gotten Stronger As A Couple

Camryn and Cam’s relationship has changed since their daughter Sadie was born, but it’s because they’ve been able to grow together as a couple.

“Cam and I have changed a lot since Sadie came,” she said. “Our relationship is very special and different because now we not only have to worry about ourselves and each other but our baby too, and that brings us together in a way I could never describe or imagine.”

At the end of their episode, Cam and Camryn were considering moving out because they weren’t getting along with their parents, but they’re still at home for now. “I have not actually moved yet, but when I do I will definitely be missing home and all the people I live with but definitely not the cramped space,” she said.

While the things might be “cramped,” Camryn enjoys being in close proximity to Cam. “We are doing so good together. I love having a supportive boyfriend in my life and the best dad for Sadie that I could ever ask for,” she said. “We have our moments but we are still best friends.”

Camryn Went Into Labor The Day Of Her Baby Shower

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I love this little girl so much 🥰

A post shared by Camryn Fields (@camrynsfields) on Jul 20, 2020 at 8:29am PDT

On the day Camryn was expecting to have her baby shower, little Sadie Paige had other ideas. Camryn’s water broke and her mother and Cam rushed her to the hospital. Because of COVID-19 regulations at the hospital, only one person was allowed in the room. Camryn picked for her partner to be there, but as her labor progressed, her nursed asked her manager for special permission and her mother was also permitted to be in Camryn’s room.

“I’m a nervous wreck right now. She’s 16. What if something needs to be medically be discussed,” Camryn’s mother Sarah said during the episode. “I’m sure everything is going to be fine, but…”

Sarah got to the hospital just before Camryn was taken in to have an emergency C-section. Cam was there in the operating room with Camryn and Sarah waited for Sadie to be born.

To find out what happens on the next episode, don’t miss 16 and Pregnant when it airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on MTV.

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