‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Baltierra’s Instagram Post Alarms Fans

Catelynn and Tyler

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Teen Mom OG” star Catelynn Baltierra’s recent Instagram post alarmed fans. In a since deleted November 2021 Instagram post, Catelynn hinted that she split from husband Tyler Baltierra. The couple got married in August 2015, after a decade-long on-and-off relationship, according to Us Weekly. Tyler and Catelynn share four daughters: Carly, 12, Novalee, 6, Vaeda, 2, and newborn Rya. Catelynn’s first pregnancy was documented on the MTV show “16 and Pregnant” in 2009.

Are Tyler & Catelynn Officially Over?

In a since-deleted November 19, 2021 Instagram post, Catelynn shared with fans that Tyler and her are no longer together. The “Teen Mom OG” star shared a collage of pictures of Tyler and her with the caption, “This is hard to admit but here’s our official statement on no longer being together. Thanks for your love and support.” She included the hashtag “link in bio.”

The link in Catelynn’s bio is to an article published on Celeb Buzz titled, “Tyler Baltierra Reveals He Wouldn’t Be With Catelynn If They Didn’t Have Kids.” According to Celeb Buzz, Tyler revealed his kids saved his relationship with Catelynn on an episode of the podcast “Reality Life with Kate Casey.”

Tyler told podcast host Kate Casey that his kids kept Catelynn and him together.

“We really feel like, in a way, our children saved us. They came to us at exactly the right time when they were supposed to be in our lives,” he said on the podcast.

Catelynn didn’t say whether or not the podcast interview was the reason for the startling Instagram post, but including a link to the article in her bio made fans wonder. She has since deleted the Instagram post.

Catelynn turned off the comments on her Instagram post, but fans were quick to share their opinion on a November 2021 Reddit thread. “Teen Mom OG” fans think the break-up announcement is clickbait. One Reddit user wrote, “The rule of thumb: if there is #Linkinbio at the end, it’s clickbait bulls*** and everyone should ignore it.” Another user wrote, “It’s clickbait. Nothing is off limits for Cate.”

Does Tyler Want More Kids?

Tyler Baltierra has been open about wanting a son. In a season 10 episode of “Teen Mom OG” Tyler shared that he hoped daughter Rya would be a boy.

“I just want a boy. I just want to make sure whatever happens it’s a boy,” Tyler said in the episode.

After the birth of his 4th daughter Rya, “Teen Mom” fans wondered if the couple would try for baby number 5 in hopes of having a boy, but a recent Instagram comment made fans wonder if Tyler is done having kids.

In November 2021, Tyler commented on radio host Mike Aguilar’s Instagram post about getting a vasectomy. The Detroit-based radio host shared a photo of himself wearing a black t-shirt that says, “snip snip hooray,” with three cartoon images of sperm below. In the caption, he wrote, “we haven’t even officially decided yet, but I feel like Ali jumped the gun or has been preparing for this.”

Tyler commented on the post writing, “Duuuudeee I feel you lol my appointment is in a couple weeks but I can’t wait for it, I’m so excited hahaha!”

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