Pregnant Catelynn Baltierra Is ‘Upset’ Over Sibling’s Post: Report

Catelynn Baltierra

Nicholas Radtke/MTV Nicholas Radtke, the bother of "Teen Mom OG" star Catelynn Baltierra, said his sister was "upset" about what River Lowell.

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Baltierra’s siblings are feuding with each other via social media about her pregnancy. Catelynn and Tyler announce they were expecting a fourth baby, another girl, on February 22. The drama kicked off when Catelynn’s estranged paternal half-brother, River Lowell, accused her of getting pregnant to stay relevant. Her maternal half-brother, Nicholas Radtke, then defended his older sister — and he told Heavy in an exclusive interview that Catelynn is not pleased with River.

“Catelynn is and was upset about the situation,” he told Heavy. “[I don’t know] about Tyler.”

“I’m very upset with everything he said, as this is our sister,” Nicholas continued. “He’s only around when he wants money.”

While Catelynn is estranged from River, Nicholas said he has a strong connection with his sister. “My relationship with Catelyn and Tyler is amazing,” he said. “We have an amazing bond and I’m so happy I can call them my family.”

Nicholas added that he’s “excited” Catelynn is having a gil, but he “wanted it to be a boy.”

Catelynn Hasnt Directly Responded to River

Since River’s “relevant” post about her pregnancy, Catelynn hasn’t issued a direct response to her half-brother on social media.

“Lol my sister got pregnant AGAIN to try and stay relevant,” River first wrote, as captured by the blog Teen Mom Tea.

Nicholas then issued a response of his own, saying: “Girl, please. Be happy for the family for once. You’re just mad you’re not getting any cut off of it. [Shut the f*** up] and keep MY sister’s name out of your mouth.”

While River’s Instagram account is set to private, Nicholas leaves his public. He often shares positive messages and is available on Cameo.

“Stay positive. your amazing; i love you to death,” Nicholas wrote in a January post. “sorry for all the negative things that have been happening recently. going back to be positive asap. have a good day and keep smiling beautifuls.”

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Are Obsessed With Catelynn’s Pregnancy Test Scene

The day after Catelynn announced she was pregnant, viewers watched her take several pregnancy tests on Teen Mom OG. Since she was taking several tests, Catelynn went to the bathroom in a container and then brought it out to the kitchen so MTV could film while she waited for the results. While some people were disgusted that she didn’t use a disposable cup, others were shocked at the color of her urine.

Even days after the scene aired on MTV, fans on Reddit have continued to discuss the segment ad nauseam.

One of the most recent posts on the Teen Mom subreddit page asked netizens to end the discussion. “I like this sub. I don’t like pics of pee. Before the sub is filled with more random pics of a rainbow of colors of pee – let’s end this, or add a flair button for ‘piss post’ beside the shit post option,” they wrote. “Pee can be numerous colors – see diagram. End it!”

Dramatics aside, Catelynn and Tyler said they were thrilled about having another child.  “I was definitely surprised that we got pregnant so fast with this baby!” Catelynn told Celebuzz. “But we are so excited.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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