Redditors Fixate on Catelynn’s ‘Weird’ Pregnancy Test Scene

Catelynn Baltierra

MTV Some "Teen Mom OG" fans were more interested in the contents of Catelynn Baltierra's container than the results it yielded.

Some Teen Mom OG fans were more interested in the contents of Catelynn Baltierra’s container than the results it yielded. The star thought she might be pregnant after she started “experiencing symptoms,” so she urinated in a reusable bowl so she could take multiple pregnancy tests.

“I got a bunch of different brands of tests that I’m gonna try,” Catelynn told husband Tyler Baltierra on the February 23 episode of Teen Mom OG.

“This is gonna look weird,” she cautioned him. “I’m just walking out with a container of pee.”

The scene caused a massive stir on the Teen Mom subreddit page, sparking multiple posts about the segment. While some people were fixated on the color of Catelynn’s urine, others thought it was “disgusting” that she didn’t use a disposable cup. In fact, the number of posts about the incident on the subreddit page was so exhaustive that some Redditors made memes about being tired of seeing the posts.

Catelynn and Tyler announced on February 22 they were going to have a fourth baby. The following day, they confirmed they were going to have another girl. Tyler has previously expressed that he wanted to have a boy, but during an interview with Celebuzz, Catelynn said Tyler wasn’t disappointed about being a four-time girl dad.

“His reaction was, ‘Well I guess I’m not gonna get a boy,” she told the publication. “All in all we are just excited to be completing our family regardless of the gender.”

The couple had their first daughter, Carly, when they were teenagers and placed her for adoption. They are also the parents of 6-year-old Nova and 2-year-old Vaeda.

Catelynn Was Slammed for Possibly Smoking & Getting Tattoos While Trying to Get Pregnant

Before she bought a number of pregnancy tests, Catelynn allowed Teen Mom OG cameras to film her getting more tattoos, a choice some viewers found peculiar.

“Cate got tattooed THEN took a pregnancy test?” one person wrote. “Everyone needs to stop sticking up for her when someone says she’s mentally ill. This is proof.”

“She disgusted me after the last episode,” a netizen said. “Getting tattooed while thinking you’re pregnant? Pee as Orange as oranges? Delusional AF thinking she saw a faint line? She crazy.”

“Cate doesn’t give a shit about having a healthy pregnancy,” another argued. “It’s all about her, she gets attention and nothing is asked of her while pregnant.

Some Redditors took more issue with Catelynn holding a lighter in her hand when she was going to get a pregnancy test with her producer. They accused her of potentially smoking through her pregnancy.

“My mom smoked during her pregnancies and now that I’m a mother it really pisses me off,” one said. “It’s just so selfish.”

“She does not have the inner strength to do something like quitting smoking,” another added. “What would she do all day sitting at home if she didn’t smoke cigarettes?”

Catelynn Said She Was ‘Nervous’ About Being Pregnant Again

The Michigan native started getting anxious before taking the tests and told herself multiple times that she was “happy” about potentially being pregnant.

“I’m nervous but I’m excited about the possibility of being pregnant again,” she said in a voice-over.

“Oh Catelynn, you’re a happy pregnant woman,” she told herself in the car on the way to the drug store. “This is what you wanted. It’s fine.”

When they arrived, the producer asked how Catelynn was feeling. “It’s just that instant thought of like, OK, life is going to be altered again,” she said.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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