Catelynn Lowell Explains Why She Leaked ‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Pregnancy

Catelynn Lowell

MTV "Teen Mom" star Catelynn Lowell explained why she leaked Ashley's Jones' pregnancy news to everyone.

“Teen Mom” star Catelynn Lowell Baliterra is not sorry.

After the explosive January 17 episode of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” Lowell, 30, issued a statement via Twitter explaining why she leaked Ashley Jones’ pregnancy to Jade Cline, 25, following Jones’ fight with Briana DeJesus, 28.

After their moms — Tasheilia “Pastor Tea” Chapple and Roxanne DeJesus go into an argument of their own — DeJesus stands on the kitchen counter and threatens to kick Jones, 25, in the “mother f******  throat” on episode 3, season 2 of “Family Reunion.”

Jones then spat at DeJesus. “She didn’t just spit, she hocked a loogie,” Cheyenne Floyd explained during the episode.

Lowell said only two people knew Jones was pregnant when the fight went down and that she had a private conversation with Jones.

“I told Ashley (after all the yelling incident at dinner) that she doesn’t need this stress, drama, etc. because it’s not good for her & the baby!” Lowell wrote.

“It was AFTER I knew about the physical attacks & risks, that I decided to let Jade know about Ashley being pregnant so that way everyone would at least know!” she continued. “Because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen!”

Lowell has been on “Teen Mom” since the series started in 2009. She is the only mother to choose adoption for her child.

She and her husband, Tyler Baltierra, got married in 2015 and welcomed three more children together: 8-year-old Nova, 3-year-old Vaeda, and 1-year-old Rya Rose. The couple was vocal about wanting a son, but say Rya is their “last baby.” 

Lowell Admits She Was Wrong

Lowell said she wasn’t right to tell Cline about the pregnancy, but she cared more about the safety of Jones and the baby.

“I never thought Ashley would ever get physical & take that kind of risk with someone knowing she’s pregnant!” she wrote. “If I were ever trying to fight some girl, I’d want to know if she’s pregnant or not!”

“…You best believe I’d be running up there screaming at everyone involved, ‘She’s pregnant! Don’t touch her!’ so I could try & lessen the risk of something dangerous happening to her & her baby!” she added.

Jones confirmed she was expecting her second child with her husband, Bar Smith, in September. Two months later, she shared an update.

“I know you guys are wondering but I’m not in a space to disclose that. I’m still processing,” she wrote on social media, per The Sun. “Thank you for being concerned.”

Jones and Smith are the parents of a 5-year-old daughter, Holly.

Lowell Said She Was Worried About Jones

During a confessional with an MTV camera on the January 17 episode of “Family Reunion,” Lowell said she was “worried” about her co-star.

“I kind of asked Ashley if she was pregnant cause the outfit she was wearing, I could see a little bump,” Lowell said. “Like, I suspect something’s going on, but I’m not 100% sure. I feel like I should tell people. I don’t want things to escalate even more and I feel like all of the girls should know.”

Lowell told Cline, who told DeJesus, who then told her mother, Roxanne DeJesus.

“That’s f****** reckless an irresponsible for her mother and her,” Roxanne DeJesus said. “She’s pregnant and she’s acting like that?”

Kayla Sessler’s mother, Jamie, was also concerned. “I do not understand how she put herself in any physical harm, in any physical situation,” she said.

The episode ends with Jones and DeJesus, as well as their mothers, being removed from the shared house and placed in a hotel.

“Teen Mom: Family Reunion” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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