Catelynn Lowell Explains Tyler Baltierra’s Intense ‘Teen Mom’ Scene

Tyler Baltierra

MTV MTV star Catelynn Lowell offered support for her husband during an "incredibly brave" moment on "Teen Mom."

MTV star Catelynn Lowell supported her husband, Tyler Baltierra, after he became emotional during the November 29 episode of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.” Baltierra allowed cameras to film his therapy session, where he talked about the childhood abuse he experienced.

“He is incredibly brave!!! I love you,” Lowell tweeted at her husband after the episode aired. “Thank you honey,” Baltierra answered. “I love you so much!” 

Some people felt uncomfortable about the scene and were worried Baltierra was forced to film it. But Lowell confirmed it was their decision.

“We agree to let it be filmed… it’s good to show ppl they are NOT alone,” Lowell said.

Lowell echoed her earlier message when a social media user claimed Baltierra’s scene felt “exploitative.”

“No we agree to film certain things because it brings awareness to issues.. let’s people not feel alone and also shows that WE are not alone,” the “Teen Mom” star reiterated. 

Baltierra admitted he was hesitant to share his story.

“I originally was not going to share the details of why I was seeking out therapy. But once I broke down & thought about the moral responsibility I have with this small (undeserving) platform I’ve been given, I knew I had to be open, honest & completely transparent about it all,” he tweeted.

Baltierra Is Trying to Heal His Trauma

As Baltierra’s daughters get older, he’s started to realize the trauma from his past isn’t yet healed. He’s worried about leaving his daughters with strangers and what will happen if he’s not around. A bout of insomnia pushed Baltierra to contact his therapist, Dr. Dow, and confront his past.

“I definitely feel a hyper-vigilance with my kids and I think the closer my oldest daughter Nova gets to the age that stuff happened to me, I feel like paranoia of, like, everything from her teachers and where and who,” Baltierra told Lowell during the episode.

Baltierra Feels Let Down By The Adults in His Life

During his therapy session with Dr. Dow, Baltierra admitted that he was “scared” to remember being 8 years old when the abuse happened to him.

“Go back to that eight-year-old Tyler who felt really scared,” his counselor encouraged.

After some hesitation, Baltierra was able to reconnect with his emotions.

“I get angry. … I feel very betrayed by adults and, like, I think the message that no one’s gonna help me so I gotta figure out a way to get through this without it affecting me forever,” he said.

Baltierra’s expert encouraged him to have compassion for himself. “I know that the inner father in you is taking such good care of your kids,” Dr. Dow said, before asking: “What would your inner father say to that little Tyler?”

The “Teen Mom” star became emotional. “Just that I’m really, really sorry,” he said through tears. “I’m sorry you weren’t protected and I’m sorry. I’m just sorry.”

Poetry is one method Baltierra uses to express himself. In an October 26 poem, he talked about how nature helps him feel free.

He writes: “There’s not enough chains/ To hold me down/ I was molded from these rocks/ In the dirt on this ground/ From which I stand firm & proud/ That’s why the earth is my preferred church.”

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