How Building Their Dream Hope Helped Chelsea & Cole DeBoer’s Marriage

Chelsea and Cole

Instagram "Teen Mom 2" stars Chelsea and Cole DeBoer talked about how building their dream home also helped their marriage.

Teen Mom 2 stars Chelsea and Cole DeBoer talked about how building their dream home also helped their marriage. The MTV reality stars started the Instagram page Down Home DeBoers so fans could follow their journey, with the page garnering more than 435,000 followers. The couple was shocked at the large following the page got as fans have clamored to watch the duo build the home from the ground up.

Chelsea was motivated to create the page because she likes to draw inspiration from others, including following home decor pages on Instagram and Pinterest. She wanted Home Down DeBoers to be interactive so people could offer suggestions.

“I am fully invested in seeing everybody’s different style, how they decorate their house, and the choices that they make,” she told Heavy in a phone interview. “I’m a big HD TV fan to the core and I wanted to make this home building process as fun as possible.”

The Teen Mom 2 star said the process has “absolutely” made them better at compromising. “I feel like everyone talks about how hard it is to build a home with your spouse or your partner, but I feel like I really don’t think we’ve experienced [any fights],” she said.

“I’m trying to think of something we disagreed on,” the mother-of-three, whos expecting her fourth baby in January, said. “I don’t think there’s was anything that a hard no for me and a yes for him. So I feel like I’m proud of us! We’ve been getting along and there have definitely been compromises along the way, but it hasn’t been too crazy.”

Cole & Chelsea’s Style Is Edgy, Bada**, Glam Farmhouse

Styling their home has turned out a little differently than expected. Chelsea described their personal style as “glam farmhouse,” which they’ve also called bada** and edgy. But if you asked them at the beginning of the process what they’re style was you might have gotten a different answer.

“We thought we were super modern farmhouse but as we were getting into it and picking things out, it’s ending up being more modern. I don’t really have a name for it. We’ve been calling it badass farmhouse or glam farmhouse. We make our own little style.”

“I feel like at its core it’s edgy. It’s like a mixture of me and Cole,” she continued. “Cole is more rustic farmhouse and I’m edgier and more glam. So it’s a mixture of both of us.”

Their followers have helped them make some decisions too. “It’s been really fun to share everything and to get people’s feedback on certain things because Cole and I can be indecisive sometimes,” she said.

While Chelsea is into home decor, Cole prefers remodeling and demolition. “I’m obsessed with remodeling shows on HGTV and demolition so I plan to be sharing more of that on our Down Home page,” he said. Even once the home is finished, Cole will continue to share minor home improvements on the page. “There are always projects for me to do,” he added.

The Couple Is Surprised With Down Home DeBoer’s Following

Chelsea, who has nearly 6 million followers on Instagram, was shocked at how many people were interested in her home improvement page. “I did not expect it to get as many followers that they have now, but it just goes to show its something that everybody kind of into,” she said. “And I think our followers are at that age. They grew up with me. A lot of them were my age when I first started the show and at this stage, we’re almost 30. A lot of people are buying houses or they have their own place already.”

Cole said it was “amazing” to see the following grow: “It was pretty shocking how quickly it blew up, but it was amazing to see that there were that many people that wanted to see what we were doing.”

When it comes to whos behind the page, it’s Chelsea that takes care of most of the posts. “I feel like I post most,” Chelsea said. “Cole, the angel he is, is not a photographer.” Cole agreed, but he added there are some pictures taken by him that made it to Down Home DeBoer.

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