Chelsea Houska Reacts to Having a Fifth Baby

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Chelsea Houska DeBoer responded to queries about having a fifth child with husband Cole DeBoer.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Chelsea Houska DeBoer responded to queries about having a fifth child with husband Cole DeBoer.

The couple welcomed their youngest daughter, Walker June, in February. They also have three more children together: a 4-year-old son, Watson; a 3-year-old daughter, Layne and an 11-year-old daughter, Aubree, whom Houska had during her relationship with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

One of the most popular questions Houska gets asked is if she and DeBoer will continue to expand their family after Walker. In July, Houska took to Instagram to respond to the queries.

“This is the most asked question that we always, always get, if we’re gonna have more kids,” the 30-year-old Aubree Says creator said the time, per Us Weekly. “Do we think we’re gonna more kids? I would say we don’t think we’re gonna have more.”

But the South Dakota couple hasn’t completely shut the door on a fifth baby. “But you know, if we do, we do,” he said. “But yeah, who knows?”

Months later, speculation about Houska and DeBoer having more babies popped up after an article from Celebuzz popped up on the Facebook page of “Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood in September.

It cited Houska’s July Instagram Q&A, but had a different headline. “#BreakingNews Chelsea REVEALS PREGNANCY news 🤰😳❤️,” the caption said.

Fans, however, weren’t convinced Houska was pregnant.

“Shes not pregnant, she just had a baby and talking about losing the baby weight,” one of the top comments said.

🙄🙄🙄🙄 damm fake articles ..she’s not lol,” another wrote.

Viewers Have Criticized Houska’s Pregnancies in the Past

During an August 2020 interview with Entertainment Online, Houska revealed that some people were surprised to learn that she was pregnant with her fourth baby.

“There’s always the comments that are like, ‘She’s pregnant again?!’… I think a lot of people still consider or think of us as being these young or teen moms,” she said at the time.

“Did you see the one where someone said to keep my legs closed or something? I was like, I mean, I’m married so… It just cracks me up,” she continued. “People just don’t realize that we are almost 30, I think, and married, and we’re not teenagers anymore.”

Houska Is Currently on a Fitness Journey

Houska is currently working on a 75-day challenge where she’s pushing herself to eat healthy, exercise for 45 minutes per day, drink one gallon of water and only drink alcohol on special occasions.

Houska has been getting her exercise is with the Peloton bike. She’s showed videos and pictures of her working out with instructors like Cody Rigsby and Christine D’Ercole.

The ex MTV star revealed one of her goals with the challenge was to tone her body. “Do you have a specific goal in mind with this challenge?” one person wondered during an impromptu Q&A on Instagram stories.

“Tight and tone. Get into the habit of drinking more water and reading more,” the South Dakota native said. “Maybe lose that last bit of baby weight. Have something to hold me accountable to kick some ass and feel good.”

She said getting into the habit of drinking one gallon of water per day wasn’t easy at first. “I don’t hate it as much as I did the first couple of days,” the Aubree Says creator answered. “Chug away any chance ya can!”

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