‘Teen Mom’ Fans ‘Hate’ Baby Name Chelsea Houska Picked

Chelsea Houska

Instagram/Chelsea Houska Some "Teen Mom 2" fans think the name Chelsea Houska picked for her fourth baby was "too masculine."

Congratulations are in order for Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska and husband Cole DeBoer after they welcomed Walker June, their fourth baby on January 25. While plenty of people were excited about her birth, not everyone was pleased with the little girl’s name. Reddit users largely remarked that they hated the moniker, though some people said they liked the idea of calling the baby “Walker,” a name that has traditionally appeared as a surname.

“I hate the masculine names for girls trend … Walker?? Seriously lol??” one person wrote.

A second person remarked they didn’t like it, and then compared Chelsea’s name choices to Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry. “I haaate Walker! June is nice,” the person said. “I feel like she’s trending with Kail when it comes to taste in names, who went terribly downhill after Isaac and Lincoln. Aubree, Watson, Layne…. then Walker.”

“Oh wow that’s a bad name, I usually love her choices,” a third person remarked. “I don’t mind that old man name trend, but walker has always been a name I’ve hated. June’s a nice name though.”

Not everyone disliked the name though. There were plenty of netizens who adored Walker’s moniker and even more, people complimented the couple on how cute she looked. “Walker June is perfection!!!” Entertainment Tonight host Deidre Behair Wellman wrote. “Congratulations to you and your family on this beautiful baby girl!!!!”

Walker June Shares a Birthday With Brother Watson

Sharing birthdays is a trend in the DeBoer family. Chelsea and 2-year-old daughter Layne share a cake on August 29, and now Walker and 4-year-old Watson will blow out candles together every year on January 25.

Chelsea and Cole announced the baby’s birth by sharing a photo of her in a cute hat and a sign that read, “Hello my name is Walker June.”

“She decided she wanted to share a birthday with her big brother, Watson and surprised us by coming last night,” Chelsea wrote.

Cole added on his own page: “Blessed with another little Angel! 😩😍❤️ our sweet baby girl. Walker June DeBoer. Stole my heart immediately! I love you [Chelsea].”

Chelsea Was Afraid to Share Walker’s Name With Fans

Even though fans were clamoring to know Walker’s name while Chelsea was still pregnant, the Teen Mom 2 alum did not want to share the girl’s moniker with fans. In the past, she’s received some blowback from fans for what she’s decided to call her children and she didn’t want other people’s opinions to influence her.

“So many people are asking about the baby’s name. I wish I could tell you guys. I just feel like, with the baby names, I’m so sensitive I just like to keep them to ourselves until the baby is born,” she said in a December Instagram live session, as noted by The Sun.

“I don’t want to hear anyone’s input since I don’t want it to sway how I’m feeling,” she continued. “So we’ll keep it to us until she’s born. But we’re just so happy with it, we love her name.”

Cole and Chelsea now have four children together. Chelsea shares 11-year-old daughter Aubree with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind, though Cole has famously stepped in as the main father figure in her life. The couple then welcomed 4-year-old son Watson into their family. Next was 2-year-old Layne and now they have newborn Walker June.

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