Chelsea Houska Reacts to Questions About Baby Walker’s Name

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Chelsea Houska reacted to questions about her fourth baby's name.

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska reacted to questions about her fourth baby’s name, saying she and her husband Cole DeBoer knew what they were going to name Walker before her gender was confirmed. That’s because Walker’s name holds a special meaning for the couple.

Chelsea, 28, opened up during a Q&A segment on Instagram, as captured by a Reddit user. One of the questions she chose to answer was about the “inspiration” behind Walker’s moniker. “There is a place that is really special to me, and was really special growing up… called Walker Valley: Cole and I got married there,” she revealed. “We were set on Walker for a boy or a girl.”

Cole and Chelsea legally tied the knot in October 2016 after getting engaged the year before. Some fans might remember that Cole, who met Chelsea at a gas station in South Dakota, asked Aubree for permission to marry her mom.

Chelsea wore a bohemian lace wedding dress and a flower crown for her outdoor ceremony, which matched with her rustic theme, according to Brides.

“Yesterday was absolutely incredible,” Chelsea wrote at the time. “We got to celebrate our marriage with all the people we love and had a fricken BLAST. I love this man.”

Chelsea Missed Wine While Pregnant

Chelsea has previously said she enjoys being pregnant, but when fans asked what she missed the most while she was carrying Walker, the Teen Mom 2 alum revealed it wasn’t sushi or beer.

She held up a glass of red wine, which showed her white manicure and 2-year-old daughter Layne in the background.

Chelsea told Heavy in October all her babies came before their due date, so she was expecting Walker to be early too. She wasn’t wrong. Walker was born on January 25, the same day as 4-year-old brother Watson, and three weeks before her February 16 due date.

The social media influencer said Walker might be her last baby. “I don’t know,” she said. “Makes me sad to think about it.”

Some Fans Liked the Name Better Once They Knew the Meaning

Chelsea and Cole were criticized by some fans after they announced Walker’s name. But once Chelsea divulged the inspiration behind the same, some Reddit users changed their opinion on the moniker.

“I’m less judgy about it now that I know there was thought behind it and they’re not just being trendeigh,” one person said.

“I like the name better knowing the special meaning,” another added. “Yea at least not as horrible,” a third agreed.

Chelsea previously said she was hesitant to tell fans about Walker’s name because she was open to hearing any criticism.

“So many people are asking about the baby’s name. I wish I could tell you guys. I just feel like, with the baby names, I’m so sensitive I just like to keep them to ourselves until the baby is born,” the mother-of-four said in a December on Instagram, according to The Sun.

“I don’t want to hear anyone’s input since I don’t want it to sway how I’m feeling,” she added. “So we’ll keep it to us until she’s born. But we’re just so happy with it, we love her name.”

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