Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer Celebrate & Fans ‘Love to See It’

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

YouTube Chelsea Houska DeBoer talks about "Teen Mom."

Over the weekend, “Teen Mom” stars Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer had something to celebrate. It was their wedding anniversary, and he took to Instagram to share a sweet message for his wife. Fans had plenty to say about the post, although some focused more on Houska’s appearance than the couple’s celebration.

Here’s what you need to know:

DeBoer Gushed Over His Wife

On October 1, DeBoer shared a trio of photos on his Instagram page. “Happy Anniversary to my sweet perfect wife! I love you @chelseahouska cheers to forever.” Houska commented, “LOVE YOU,” and a number of “Teen Mom” fans added notes of congratulations of their own in the comments section.

The post that DeBoer shared included two photos of him with Houska working on home-related projects. As “Teen Mom” fans know, the couple has been working on a new series for HGTV titled “Farmhouse Fabulous.” The show, which is slated to debut in spring 2023, will focus on the duo launching a design and renovating business where they live in South Dakota. By the looks of the first two photos in DeBoer’s anniversary Instagram post, the couple may have been doing some business-related work when those snaps were taken. The third photo was a selfie snapped at the local store Runnings, and Houska was holding up a box that appeared to contain some baby chicks. Both “Teen Mom” stars had big smiles on their faces as they snapped the photo. It seemed the photos may not have been new, but DeBoer seemingly loved them enough to use them for his anniversary message.

Fans Had Plenty to Say in Response to DeBoer’s Post

Dozens of people commented on DeBoer’s Instagram post to wish the couple a happy anniversary. In addition, fans in the “Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2” Reddit sub shared their thoughts on it.

“The perfect match I love you two together,” commented someone on Instagram.

“Happy Anniversary @coledeboer & @chelseahouska Hope you spoiled each other rotten!!” added another supporter.

“Chelsea lucked out. He’s a good guy and good father to all of her children,” a Redditor noted.

“This sub loves to hate, but I’m not bothered by the quirky, mushy, Pinterest love between Chelsea and Cole after all that she dealt with from Adumb,” someone else wrote, referring to Houska’s ex, Adam Lind.

“They look so happy! Love to see it,” added another fan.

As is often the case on Reddit when Houska posts photos of herself on social media, some “Teen Mom” fans critiqued her looks and choice of attire.

“She used to be so pretty? What did she do to her face so I can make sure to not do it,” quipped a critic.

“She was prettier before she started f***ing with her face. Now she looks like the muppet version of Janice Dickinson,” declared another Redditor.

“Can her style be any worse or outdated?? It drives me nuts,” critiqued another.

Despite a fair number of critical comments on Instagram and Reddit, most “Teen Mom” fans seemed happy to celebrate Houska and DeBoer’s anniversary along with them.

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