Chelsea Houska Accused of Capitalizing on Daughter Aubree

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" favorite Chelsea Houska faced allegations that she was capitalizing off her daughter, Aubree.

Teen Mom 2 favorite Chelsea Houska faced allegations that she was capitalizing off her daughter, Aubree. The accusation came from Reddit users after one person posted the topic, “MTV is exploiting Aubree’s personal life.” The thread garnered hundreds of upvotes and comments from netizens who agreed.

The past few episodes of Chelsea’s storyline on Teen Mom 2 have focused on Aubree getting a new phone and attending the father-daughter dance with Cole and Adam. Ultimately, she went with only Cole. Later, a little drama kicked up after Chelsea gave Aubree’s paternal grandmother her new cell phone number.

In a private car conversation, Aubree said that she didn’t want her grandmother to have her number, and Chelsea said she’d be the bad guy and step in for her daughter so she didn’t have to worry about having an uncomfortable conversation with her father’s mother.

Some People Claimed Chelsea Uses Aubree As Her ‘Puppet’

Since all of Chelsea’s storylines seem to center around Aubree and what’s happening in her personal life, some Reddit users accused Chelsea of being “boring,” while others accused Chelsea of using her oldest daughter as a “puppet.”

“Chelsea has NO SHOW if it wasn’t for her constantly bringing up Adam in one-way shape or form. She’s boring and lazy af. She’s always going to use Aubrey as her puppet to keep getting those MTV paychecks,” JJENN418 wrote.

“I would have thought by now Chelsea would have quit the show. She is always so focused on her privacy, she controls her narrative but Aubree has not been given that same treatment,” rightonthemoney1 said. “I know a lot of us see Chelsea as one of the more responsible girls, but I could never have my child’s private life aired to millions, no matter how much money I got. It really makes you question people’s morals and values.”

Redditor lizcooper17 added, “Chelsey would rather expose her child than herself.”

Cole DeBoer Accused of Crossing The Line With Aubree

Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer was slammed by some netizens after he got upset that Adam Lind, Aubree’s biological father, was listed in her phone as “Dad.” He wanted that title. After hearing that Adam only sent her a brief text message and then ended the conversation, Cole said he was sick to his stomach.

“I was looking to be that contact, but we’ll get there,” Cole told Chelsea on the latest episode of Teen Mom 2. “It makes me want to vomit. I don’t understand why they’re even around.”

“I don’t like it when she gets that kind of stuff forced on her. If she wanted it, she would have asked for it,” Cole continued. “If she wanted to talk to him, she could talk to him! This is frustrating.”

While most fans of Teen Mom 2 like Cole and think he’s done a great job being a stepfather to Aubree, there were some who thought he shouldn’t be questioning Aubree’s decision to call her father “dad.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom 2 when it airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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