Chelsea Houska DeBoer Talks About Baby No. 4’s Gender

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska DeBoer talked about the gender of her fourth (and possibly last) baby.

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeBoer talked about the gender of her fourth (and possibly last) baby. On the December 8 episode of the MTV reality show, Chelsea showed viewers her gender reveal. Since they found out during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Chelsea filmed the special moment with her family by herself. She had a photographer there to capture the event, with the family of five discovering they were welcoming another girl into the family!

They drove to their new house, which is still under construction, to do the reveal. When asked if she thought her mom was having a boy or a girl, 11-year-old Aubree correctly predicting she was going to have another sister.

“We had the doctor write the sex in an envelope and gave it to a photographer, so we can take some pictures as we all find out,” Houska told MTV cameras, as noted by In Touch Weekly.

Houska was surprised when she found out they were having another girl. She has Aubree from her previous relationship with Adam Lind and two children with husband Cole DeBoer: 3-year-old Watson and 2-year-old Layne.

“We’re going to have three girls! I was convinced it was a boy,” she explained. “I feel like Aubree is excited that it’s a girl. Cole, I think he’s happy either way. I think it’s so sweet that Watson is going to be the only boy probably.”

Houska Admitted She’s Been ‘Emotional’ This Pregnancy

This pregnancy has been a little different for the MTV star. In a December 8 Instagram post she admitted to being more emotional this time around.

“Ohhhhh baby. I’ve been SO emotional this pregnancy…everything I buy im like oh my gosh what if this really IS the last time buying tiny little newborn items 😭😭😭 I’m soaking in all the kicks, swollen ankles and back pain this time around because I really am just so grateful,” she explained. “I’m the luckiest mama.”

It doesn’t mean Houska is swearing off a potential fifth pregnancy, as noted by Hollywood Life. One fan wrote, “5 is the best number! One more time sis! Lol!,” and the Teen Mom 2 star responded, “hahahahahaha hey I’m not positive this is it but just in case I’m soaking it all in.”

Houska also received praise from co-star Kailyn Lowry, who wrote about how much she loved her friend’s style. “I love this whole look 😍 including the bump,” she wrote. Former Teen Mom OG star Bristol Palin also complimented Houska. “The prettiest mama,” she said.

Houska Felt Relieved When She Announced Her Pregnancy

Before she confirmed that she was pregnant, fans had been speculating over the summer that she was expecting her fourth baby. Since she’s not really good at lying, Houska remained quiet about the rumors, but made the announcement when she and her family were ready.

“I haven’t been posting much on Instagram and [the pregnancy rumors were] totally true,” she said back in August, as noted by In Touch Weekly. “I was so afraid that I was going to say something because I’m such a bad liar and I’m not good at hiding things.”

“It still feels crazy that everyone knows,” the mother continued. “I’m so excited to share this whole process with you and I swear I already have a bump and I’m fairly early but I guess when it’s your fourth baby it just be poppin’ right away, but anyways [sic], I just want to thank you guys it seriously means so much to me that you guys are all so sweet and you care about our family so thank you thank you.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss the next episode of Teen Mom 2 when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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