PHOTO: Chelsea Houska Ripped For Flaunting Wealth After Buying a Cabin

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska DeBoer Chelsea Houska DeBoer purchased her "childhood cabin" for her kids.

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska shared some exciting news with her fans: She and her husband, Cole DeBoer, bought the cabin she vacationed in as a child with her family. Now, her own children will get to experience the magic of the cabin.

Houska, 31, made the announcement on her Down Home DeBoer Instagram page.

“10/10 recommend buying your childhood cabin,” she captioned the post. “SO excited for my kids to make all the great memories here that I made. LET THE PROJECTS BEGIN ✨.”

Houska and her family sat on the steps outside the cabin. The first row — from left to right — was Aubree, 12; DeBoer, 34; and Houska. In the second row was Watson; 5, Layne; 4, and Walker June, 1. Watson sat in between Aubree’s legs and the youngest children were held by the father and mother, respectively.

Houska’s announcement on the Down Home DeBoer page was the first time she posted something to the account in January. The page went silent after she landed her new gig on HGTV. She and DeBoer are renovating homes in South Dakota for “Farmhouse Fabulous,” which is slated to debut in spring 2023.

Fans Accused Houska of Flaunting Her Wealth

Fans on social media were generally happy for Houska and congratulated her on the purchase, but not everyone was smitten with her caption.

Viewers on Reddit criticized Houska for the post, saying she was out of touch with reality. A number of people said they were struggling to pay for their rents, let alone be in a place to buy a vacation home.

“Chels I can’t even afford my rent,” said one user.

“10/10 recommend being born wealthy,” wrote another social media user.

Some people accused Houska’s post of being tone deaf.

“Let’s not pretend that it’s normal for folks to have a “childhood cabin”, let alone be in the financial position in life to be able to afford to purchase said cabin,” they said. “This post comes across as a taaaad out of touch.”

Others resorted to sarcasm. “I was wondering what to do today! Buying my non-existent childhood cabin sounds like a great idea!” says one of the most popular comments, with more than 250 upvotes. “Thanks for the suggestion Chelsea! I’ll get right on it!”

What’s Houska’s Net Worth?

Houska’s precise net worth wasn’t exactly known. The Cinemaholic say her net worth is as much as $2 million, while others place — like The Richest — her at $200,000.

As noted by Plunged in Debt, the discrepancy over Houska’s net worth could have to do with her ongoing lawsuit. Houska and DeBoer are being sued for $3 million by the consulting company Envy Branding LLC, their former business partners.

Envy filed a federal lawsuit against Houska and DeBoer in April 2020, claiming the reality TV stars withheld money they earned through social media promotions.

Houska and DeBoer countersued the consulting company, claiming they are the ones who hid money earned through online promotions.

Houska quit “Teen Mom 2” the same year the lawsuit was filed.

The suit is ongoing.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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