Fans Gush Over Chelsea DeBoer’s Recent Pic of Her Daughters

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska DeBoer

Heavy/Chelsea DeBoer Chelsea Houska DeBoer starred on "Teen Mom" for many years.

“Teen Mom” fans love to see updates from current and former cast members regarding their kids. Whether the updates focus on the kids who came early on during the franchise and are now hitting their teen years, or newer family members who have seen far less screen time, people often gush over how cute the franchise children are. That was definitely the case with a recent social media post shared by Chelsea Houska DeBoer.

When “Teen Mom” viewers first met Chelsea and her then-boyfriend Adam Lind, she was navigating her first pregnancy with her daughter Aubree as they starred on “16 and Pregnant.” Several years later, Chelsea met Cole DeBoer and, as Us Weekly noted, they wed in October 2016. Over the past few years, Chelsea and Cole have expanded their family with three more children — Watson Cole, Layne Ettie, and Walker June. “Teen Mom” fans have come to adore all four children, but it was Layne and Walker in particular who really got viewers buzzing recently.

Here’s what you need to know:

Chelsea Houska DeBoer’s Girls Sparked Significant Commentary

On March 24, Chelsea posted an array of photos on her Instagram page. The “Teen Mom” star noted in the caption that on Fridays she hypes her Aubree Says line of home decor. The photos showcased some current Aubree Says items, such as a woven table runner, an Aztec print throw, a studded tumbler, and other items. While Chelsea was giving her followers a glimpse of the current products available in her line, it was her kids who stole the show.

The first photo the former “Teen Mom” star included in her post featured Walker and Layne together. Both girls were smiling and looking directly at the camera, and Walker leaned toward Layne as the older girl seemed to wrap her arm around her little sister’s back. Followers started commenting on how adorable the kids were and pointed out which features seemed to resemble which parent or sibling.

“The little girls look so much alike!” noted one fan.

“Is it me [or] do your babies look just like Aubree did at that age? I see so much of her,” added another.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans Collectively Swooned Over the Precious Kids

The comparisons continued as dozens of people gushed over the former “Teen Mom” star’s kids.

“U make beautiful kids,” commented a supporter of Chelsea’s.

“Layne is a vibe,” declared someone else.

The final photo Chelsea included in her Instagram post showed Layne, Walker, and Watson playing on the bed. Layne and Watson seemed to be jumping and having a great time as Walker sat behind them.

“Walker looks just like Watson and Aubree. And I definitely think they favor your dad lol. Layne is 1000% Cole’s twin though,” asserted another fan.

“2 mini Aubree’s,” read another note about Walker and Layne.

Several commenters suggested Walker and Layne looked like twins, in addition to the numerous suggestions they both look just like Aubree did at a younger age. “Teen Mom” fans seemed to collectively agree that they were all growing up way too quickly.

The family is no longer filming for the “Teen Mom” franchise, but Chelsea and Cole have snagged a show of their own on HGTV. The first season of “Down Home Fab” debuted in January, and the network recently renewed the show for a second season. Viewers do get the opportunity to see glimpses of Chelsea and Cole’s kids at times throughout “Down Home Fab,” but social media is where the family’s supporters can see updates most frequently.