PHOTO: ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Slam ‘Ridiculous’ Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska DeBoer

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Chelsea Houska faced criticism after she showed off new items from her collaboration with the clothing line Laurie Belles.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Chelsea Houska DeBoer faced criticism after she showed off new clothing items on Lily & Lottie, her collaboration with the South Dakota-based boutique Laurie Belles.

Fans were not impressed with the price tag on one of the T-shirts, Veblen Oversized Tee by Chelsea DeBoer, costing $32. The 100% cotton item comes in four colors: bone, butterscotch and cornflower blue and heathered charcoal.

“In the newest Chelsea DeBoer X Lily & Lottie collab the team found a way to transform the basic tee into an every day, MUST HAVE, staple piece!” the description says. “Features an oversized boxy fit, crew-neckline, and crafted in a soft and smooth fabric that almost feels like velvet.”

“You’ll never want to take it off! The styling options are endless–pair with biker shorts, front-tuck into a pair of jeans, or throw on with your favorite joggers for a quick and easy outfit on-the-go,” the description promises. “You’re sure to grab this timeless tee out of your closet for years to come! Fits relaxed.”

Chelsey Grace, one of Houska’s friends who also models for Laurie Belles, praised the “Teen Mom 2” alum.

“BFF out did herself on this one,” Chelsey Grace wrote on Instagram. “**Softest shirt ever and fits oversized!!! Love love love that the sleeves are longer and hang off the shoulder perfectly!!”

Fans shared screenshots of Houska in the tee on Reddit, while Lily & Lottie posted the item on their official Instagram page.

‘Teen Mom’ Fans on Reddit Said Houska’s T-Shirt Was ‘Ridiculous’

Dozens of “Teen Mom” viewers flocked to Reddit to complain about the price tag on Houska’s latest item for Lily & Lottie. A thread about the topic garnered more than 70 comments.

“These are the shirts they kept in my middle school’s office for when we violated dress code 😆,” one social media user wrote.

“This is just getting ridiculous now,” another simply wrote.

“The shirt is ridiculous, but I’m loving those pants!” a third person responded.

Not everyone was against Houska.

“Do I think that’s stupid? Yes. Is it unique to Chelsea? Not at all. This is pretty standard in any smaller or locally owned shop,” said a defender of the South Dakota native. “Drag her all you want, but this is pretty normal.”

Houska Didn’t Pay Attention to the Criticism

It wasn’t immediately clear if Houska was aware of the backlash, but she didn’t address any negativity on social media. Instead, she shared moments with her husband, Cole DeBoer, and the rest of her family.

In a post on November 17, 2021, Houska said “life is good” while clinking a red wine glass with DeBoer in a boomerang for Instagram.

Another update showed a cute picture of her 9-month-old baby, Walker June, with tomato sauce on her face. “The smile 😍,” the mother-of-four wrote. “Big Girl!!!!” DeBoer added.

Houska also has three more children. Her oldest, 12-year-old Aubree — is her daughter with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind — and her two middle children — 4-year-old Watson and 3-year-old Layne —  are shared with DeBoer.

The DeBoer family revealed they added a new addition to their brood in early November 2021, revealing they adopted a basset hound puppy named Dale. They created an Instagram page just for him, and have posted nearly a dozen pictures and videos since Dale joined the family.

Houska put Dale’s long ears in a scrunchie for one photo. “Will you guys please tell Dale that his hair looks sexy pushed back?” she captioned the image.

The “Teen Mom 2” alum hinted that DeBoer didn’t like the idea about getting a puppy, but soon changed his mind. “Here we have a classic case of husband says it’s not a good time to get a puppy….wife still gets puppy….husband falls in love with puppy the end,” she wrote.

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adobe blue
adobe blue
8 months ago

This was a ridiculous article but I bet Chelsea DeBoer made beaucoup bucks from all the people who went to her site and snapped up these cute shirts in the end. Great website, it shows the clothes on multiple models so you can see if that style will work for your body.

adobe blue
adobe blue
8 months ago

So many shirts you buy online are not what they are advertised as. They state 100% cotton or whatever and they’re not. These shirts deliver as advertised. They are available in some great colors. This probably will be a staple in a lot of wardrobes. Go, Chelsea.!!!

Patrick Brennan
Patrick Brennan
8 months ago

You don’t like it or don’t like the price? Don’t buy it…see? Easy isn’t it? Yet we have sheep paying ridiculous amounts for crap with a kardashian name on it or some other rich nobody yet that’s ok…..SMH

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