Fans Sound Off After Chelsea Houska DeBoer Cries Over Good News

Chelsea Houska

HGTV Former "Teen Mom" star Chelsea Houska is getting a second season of "Down Home Fab."

Former “Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, had some exciting news to share via Instagram on February 2: Their HGTV “Down Home Fab” was greenlit for a second season. The stars renovating six homes in their hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and they’re going to be doing it all over again. Season 2 will have eight episodes and debut in early 2024, HGTV said in a press release.

Still, fans were thrilled for Houksa and DeBoer, congratulating them in the comments section on Instagram. Some of the people were fellow “Teen Mom” alums, like Bristol Palin. Other people said their show was a “breath of fresh air on HGTV” and that they hoped “Down Home Fab” would come to a different city next season.

“Only reason I keep Discovery +,” another wrote.

“I actually like the show or maybe I just like seeing clips of their beautiful kids and magical little farm!” said one fan via Reddit.

Houska serves as the designer for “Down Home Fab,” and DeBoer is the project manager. Houska describes her style as “South Dakota Glam” and likes to go bold with black — her favorite color — and touches of glam, with gold and copper finishes.

“Chelsea’s bold vision will punch up each design plan, while Cole will serve as the hands-on project manager and jack-of-all-trades,” their bio reads on HGTV’s website.

“Chelsea and Cole’s undeniable on-screen chemistry and enthusiasm for renovation brings in millions of fans every week to HGTV’s platforms,” HGTV’s Head of Content, Loren Ruch, said in a press release. “We can’t wait to get the ball rolling on a new season, and in the meantime we’ve got three upcoming episodes and lots more digital content with this dynamic couple in store.”

Houska Cried When ‘Down Home Fab’ Was Renewed

Houska shared a recorded video of her conversation with an HGTV producer, who delivered the news.

“You guys don’t understand how much this means to us,” Houska said. “I have been refreshing the ratings all day because I just want people to believe… I want to show you guys like that we’re doing a good job. I just feel like this means so much us.”

“Down Home Fab” has received a total of 6 million views since it debuted, HGTV said in a press release. According to The Sun, the third episode alone garnered  878,000 viewers. It more than doubled the ratings of season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” which amassed 330,000 viewers, as noted by ShowBuzzDaily.

DeBoer, 34, said on an Instagram video that “Down Home Fab”  has been a “dream come true” for him. “We’re extremely grateful for this opportunity and we’re going to work our asses off,” he said.

Houska, 31, didn’t think she’d be taken seriously after appearing on “Teen Mom” for more than a decade.

“Coming from a show like ‘Teen Mom,’ … it’s hard to get people to believe in you… So I never felt like anything I did, anyone take me seriously,” she said. “I’m not this person to cries a lot but I’m so happy… I swear to God, someone’s always crying in this house.”

If some of Houska’s quotes seem a little disconnected she joked via Instagram Stories on February 2 that she couldn’t get her words out correctly after learning about the good news.

Houska and Deboer Are ‘Proud’ To Be on HGTV

Coming from a show like “Teen Mom,” Houska and DeBoer said they’re “proud” to have shifted to the HGTV network.

“It feels so rewarding. I feel so proud of the show and being part of it and I want to share it all over the place and I’m not hesitant or nervous about anything,” Houska told Heavy in a phone interview before the January 16 premiere of “Down Home Fab.”

Houska joked that HGTV agreed to do a show with them after she “slid” into their DMs one night. Houska was “embarrassed” and deleted the message, but the post made its way up to the higher-ups at HGTV and they were impressed with Houska.

She and DeBoer documented their own home build, where they garnered more than 760,000 followers on their “Down Home DeBoers” Instagram page.

“Down Home Fab” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern time on HGTV.

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