VIDEO: ‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Blasted Over Face Mask

Chelsea Hohuska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" fans criticized MTV alum Chelsea Houska after she promoted a face mask.

“Teen Mom 2” fans criticized MTV alum Chelsea Houska after she promoted a face mask for Dime Beauty. The ad — which began on October 1, 2021 — was featured on Facebook and garnered more than 2,700 reactions, 1 million views and hundreds of comments.

“My face always feels so much softer, cleaner, and more hydrated after I use DIME Beauty’s Whipped Exfoliating Mask!” Houska, 30, wrote. “It’s packed with clean and vegan ingredients that gently remove dead skin cells and other impurities without being too harsh on your skin.”

“This is a must for me and I like to use it a few times throughout the week!” she continued. “Try it out and let me know your thoughts.”

Fans Were Confused Why Houska Appeared to Have Makeup On

People had plenty of “thoughts” but they weren’t about the mask. Some of the top responses were from people who slammed the South Dakota native for promoting a cleansing beauty product while still wearing makeup and eyelashes.

“She needs to keep it real…and having eye makeup already on before the mask is NOT real,” one of the top comments said. “She needs to show all the young ladies just starting out with their cleansing regimes how to do it the RIGHT way.”

“The hair, the hoodie, the lashes, the makeup, the goop getting in her nails. 😳😳😳” another person wrote.

“I loveeee Chelsea and Dime but this video is so awkward lol,” someone else added. “The hair, the hoodie, the possible make up still on… idk why but it makes me uncomfortable just watching this lol.”

Not everyone criticized Houska, though. There were some fans who came to her defense. “Who cares if she has makeup on?” they said. “She’s promoting a product and it’s your responsibility to follow the instructions if you choose to buy it.”

Houska Didn’t Respond to the Criticism

Despite the Dime Beauty ad sparking hundreds of comments, Houska didn’t issue a public response to the backlash.

Instead, she shared pictures from a recent girls’ trip to Napa Valley.

“I’m gonna need a Napa after this weekend 🍷💤” she captioned a post about her vacation.

Houska received praise from her former “Teen Mom 2” co-star Kail Lowry. “Girl! You look so good! A whole vibe! 🔥😍” she wrote.

Although the “Teen Mom 2” alum was ignoring the naysayers, it didn’t stop more criticism from coming her way. Some fans on Reddit were upset when she promoted a “ridiculously overpriced” cattle skull — costing $79 — on Aubree Says, her home decor line.

On her website, Houska wrote that she is “obsessed” with the product.

“Hang it on your family room wall or place it on your office bookshelf. It’s anywhere you want to bring those farmhouse chic vibes that I’m obsessed with,” the mother-of-four penned. “I’m hoping it will share a little piece of my South Dakota farm home energy with yours.”

She added, “It’s the perfect hanging or tabletop decoration to make your space feel rustic, artsy, and unique.”

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