Fans Are Concerned About Chelsea Houska in New Photo

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom" fans expressed concern for MTV alum Chelsea Houska after new pictures of her were shared on social media.

“Teen Mom” fans expressed concern for MTV alum Chelsea Houska after new pictures of her were shared on social media by her friend and colleague, Laurie Evanson Karlson.

Karlson is the owner of Laurie Belles, a South Dakota boutique where Houska is a collaborator.

Houska, Karlson and two more of their friends — cosmetologist Kara Pederson and photographer Calli Rentschler — had a party at home, where they wore matching black pajama sets and black slippers donned with pink hearts. They snacked on popcorn, charcuterie and rose.

“My belly aches this morning from laughing. Guess that means girls night in went well. 🥳🥂,” Karlson captioned photos of their night in on February 5.

Though the friends wore matching ensembles, some social media users noticed Houska was the only one wearing a hat. Some people suspected she might be losing hair and trying to cover it up with a beanie.

“I’m convinced Chelsea has a huge bald spot on the top of her head. That’s why she wears the beanies. 😩,” wrote one fan.

“She has track alopecia. She wore a topper in her family photos,” a social media user claimed.

“Edit: oh God, what if her beanies are too tight and it’s causing hair loss but she has to cover the hair loss with a beanie to hide it ♻️,” another person wrote.

One person wondered: “Is Chelsea balding?”

Houska Gave an Update on Her Kids

During an Instagram live for Aubree Says, Houska revealed that her babies take their time when hitting their milestones, according to a recording shared to YouTube. 

Houska is the mother of four children: 11-year-old Aubree from her relationship with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind and three children with husband Cole DeBoer: 5-year-old son Watson, 3-year-old Layne, and 1-year-old Walker June.

The only one of her children who walked before they were 1 was Layne.

“My kids are always behind on everything, ‘not behind,’ but some babies are so early on things and my babies are always on the later end,” Houska told her followers. “They take their time. Like, Walker craws — but she’s doesn’t — she’s so chill. And Watson is the same exact way. He didn’t walk until he was one-and-a-half and I’m positive Walker is going to be the same way.”

“It is ironic for Walker to not want to walk,” she said. “So yeah, don’t worry about your kids… they do it on their own time.”

She added that Walker was saying some words, like no, bye and Dada.

Houska Answered Questions About Her Ex, Adam Lind

During her girls’ night in, Houska went on Instagram live to chat with her fans. She decided to talk about Lind and his relationship with Aubree since it was one of the most popular questions to pop up.

“Um, I think he’s doing pretty good. I don’t know because I don’t speak to him personally, but I have heard some good things. That he’s in a good place,” Houska said. “But Aubree’s still, like, not close with him. There’s no like setup time to see him, cause I know a lot of people want to know that stuff.”


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