Everything We Know About Chelsea Houska’s New HGTV Show

HGTV Chelsea Houska

HGTV Chelsea Houska landed her own show, called "Farmhouse Fabulous."

“Teen Mom” fans were outraged when they read Chelsea Houska’s bio for her new HGTV show, “Farmhouse Fabulous.” The network referred to the mother-of-four as an “actress” and an “Instagram sensation.”

“Chelsea Houska DeBoer is an actress and star of MTV’s Teen Mom 2,” the bio says. “She’s also an Instagram sensation with more than 8.6 million followers. America has watched Chelsea and her husband Cole grow their family in the MTV series.”

“Now HGTV will provide an insider look into their newest adventures — launching a full-time renovation and design business in South Dakota — in the newly greenlighted series Farmhouse Fabulous,” they added.

Chelsea Houska landed her own show in February 2022 after appearing on “Teen Mom 2” for nearly a decade. Houska quit “Teen Mom 2” in November 2020, saying she felt uncomfortable for her eldest daughter — 12-year-old Aubree — to become a teenager while MTV cameras were rolling.

Houska’s kids — Aubree, 5-year-old Watson, 4-year-old Layne and 1-year-old Walker — will appear on “Farmhouse Fabulous,” but they won’t be the focus. Instead, the HGTV gig is all about Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, renovating homes in South Dakota.

Season 1 is slated to air in spring 2023.

Fans on Reddit trolled Houska and DeBoer after reading the description for HGTV.

Some people didn’t think Houska, 31, should be called an “actress” because she’s a reality TV star.

“’Actress’ really?!!😂 Did Chelsea and Cole write this shit themselves?! 🤣😂” one person said.

“When you try to spice up your resume 🤣 “an actress” “the star of the show” “Instagram sensation,” another wrote.

Others took issue with the farmhouse decor, claiming it was already passé.

“What are they going to do when farmhouse decor runs its course (already has IMO)? Seems they’re putting all of their eggs in this trend basket,” they penned.

Houska Developed Her Love of Home Improvement While Building Her Own Home

In March 2020, Houska and DeBoer built their first home from the ground up — that’s how they learned they have a knack for renovation and design.

Now they’re taking what they learned to HGTV. Each episode of “Farmhouse Fabulous” will be one-hour long.

“Now they’re ready to take on the challenge of helping others in the area do the same. During each hour-long episode, they’ll lean on Cole’s construction experience and Chelsea’s eye for design as they guide a family through the design process,” writes HGTV. “We’ll also get a peek at Cole and Chelsea’s lives at home.”

Houska Isn’t Returning to ‘Teen Mom’

MTV revamped “Teen Mom” by combining “Teen Mom OG” and “Teen Mom 2” to create “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.”

The cast members are not teenagers any longer, but with millions of followers, fans are still interested to see what happens in the “next chapter” of their lives.

Houska was reportedly asked to participate in the new series but declined.

“The moms are back and have each others’ backs in the biggest Teen Mom ever,” the trailer says.

“Teen Mom” first aired in 2009 and inspired multiple spinoffs, like “Teen Mom 2,” “Teen Mom 3,” “Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant,” “Teen Mom: Family Reunion,” “Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In” and “Teen Mom: Young Moms Club.”

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.
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Marcia Dionne
Marcia Dionne
19 days ago

I like the idea of Chelsea and Cole doing this farm house renovation they have grown out of Teen Mom and I like how Chelsea is she made a mistake having a child as a teen mom she also got married and had three children by the same man they have grown and strived and made a beautiful family built their home and it’s really sad that people have condemned and criticize them for wanting to do a renovation show so what they moved on from Teen Mom like a lot of the mother should have they’re trying to do something besides being on reality TV they basically want something different than being known as Teen Mom

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