Why Chelsea Houska Says Teen Mom Made Her ‘Sick’

Chelsea Houska

MTV Chelsea Houska said "Teen Mom 2" started to make her "sick."

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska said she was “sick” after watching her scenes with Aubree. Rumors had long swirled that Aubree was the reason Chelsea was quitting Teen Mom, with the South Dakota native essentially confirming it during her segments on the reunion special with hosts Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab.

“I was losing sleep over this for weeks. To me, it got to the point where it didn’t feel right anymore, it didn’t feel it was good for my mental health,” she said during her final appearance on the show.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” Chelsea, 28, continued. “This has been my life since I was 17. To say this was a scary decision would be an understatement.”

Her feelings aside, Chelsea wanted to do what was best for her children. “It came down to Aubree. You know your kids and what’s best for them. As a family, we were all kind of feeling the same way,” the MTV alum revealed. “I cherish the open relationship I have with Aubree. When I would see some scenes of her and I alone talking, when I tell you it made me sick, I did not like how it made me feel anymore.”

Chelsea & Cole Received Some Backlash This Season

Dr. Drew said he was “pissed and sad” about Chelsea leaving the series after more than 11 years with MTV, but the pregnant star revealed it was time for her and her family to move on. One of her biggest motivations was 10-year-old Aubree. Since the show started, most of Chelsea’s segments have always involved her oldest daughter and her strained relationship with her biological father, Adam Lind, and her paternal family.

While Chelsea has always been a fan-favorite, viewers started to criticize her and her husband Cole DeBoer this season for the way they handled some of their scenes. They also accused Chelsea of “exploiting” Aubree so she didn’t have to talk about her personal life with Cole and her other children. Chelsea is currently pregnant with her fourth baby, who is due in February, and she has two more children with Cole: 3-year-old Watson and 2-year-old Layne.

Neither Cole nor Chelsea has responded to the criticism they’ve received from some fans.

Chelsea Reportedly Didn’t Want Aubree To Go Through Puberty Infront of the Cameras

Puberty can be an awkward time for anyone and Chelsea was reportedly hyper-sensitive to the cameras being around when Aubree started to come of age. This season showed Aubree getting a cell phone for the first time and getting braces. She also continued to struggle to form a close bond with Adam, having Cole take her to the father-daughter dance again this year.

“Chelsea was becoming more and more concerned about Aubree being on-camera, now that she’s older,” a source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup in November. “Chelsea didn’t like that her segments were becoming more and more about Aubree’s personal life and her relationship with Adam’s family.”

“She wants Aubree to go into her teenage years with privacy, and not be on reality TV anymore,” the person continued. “If Chelsea were to do any more television shows in the future, she would not do anything about her personal life.”

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