Cheyenne’s Blasted by Fans After Pregnancy Announcement Airs

Cheyenne Floyd

MTV Some "Teen Mom OG" fans were not thrilled after they saw Cheyenne Floyd's most recent segment.

Some Teen Mom OG fans were not thrilled after they saw Cheyenne Floyd’s most recent segment. Cheyenne decided to tell her friends and family she was pregnant with her second child during her birthday party.

Some viewers argued that Cheyenne’s 28th birthday party and the announcement was extravagant, especially during a pandemic and considering her daughter Ryder has VLCAD, a metabolic condition where the body is unable to convert some fats into energy. Cheyenne has been open about the safety measures she’s taken to ensure Ryder’s health amid the coronavirus crisis, previously telling Heavy she was being “cautious” with her daughter.

The chatter bubbled on the Teen Mom subreddit page, where the original poster garnered hundreds of upvotes and comments for their post.

“Why is she on the show??” they asked. “Not a teen mom, little rich girl, makes me want to break my tv.”

“Partying constantly, during covid, with big groups of people on a yacht showing off her 28 dozen roses and a diamond tennis bracelet, they continued. “I truly don’t get why the franchise brought her in and acts like she’s just like all the others. She comes off so privileged, tone-deaf, arrogant, and bougie. Maybe it’s the burnt-out health care worker I am, but I cannot f***in stand her!!”

Aside from those claiming that Cheyenne is wealthier than other Teen Mom stars, a lot of commenters were confused about why MTV brought her to the show. Unlike the original girls who started the show, Cheyenne was 24 when she gave birth to Ryder. People like Catelynn Baltierra, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and even Farrah Abraham were teenagers when they were pregnant and gave birth.

Some Fans Celebrated Cheyenne’s Lavish Party & Announcement

Not everyone was hating on Cheyenne. Some fans were pleased to see the mother-of-one celebrating her birthday on a yacht and receiving a diamond tennis bracelet from her partner, Zach Davis. The two publicly confirmed in December 2020 they were expecting a son together, who they plan to name Ace.

Cheyenne retweeted a positive message from one of her fans on March 2. May I just say that I absolutely LOVE how [Cheyenne]  represents the BLACK family!!!!! We CAN be on yachts, on #TeenMomOG!! We can be a BIG, NICE, BLENDED LOVING FAMILY,” the tweet said. “I love it, Chey! Keep makin us PROUD.” 

“I love watching her and her family,” another person added. “They really are the best. I wish my family was more like .”

Cheyenne Told Ryder There’s a Baby In Her Belly

After giving everyone gifts at her birthday party, Cheyenne turned her attention to her 4-year-old daughter. The MTV personality sat down with Ryder to tell her she was going to be a big sister for a second time.

“You know you’re a big sister because Mila is your little sister?” she asked Ryder, referring to her father Cory Wharton and his partner, Taylor Selfridge. “Remember when Taylor had a baby in her belly? Now Mommy has a baby in her belly.”

Ryder embraced her mother and placed her head on Cheyenne’s stomach. The star teared up and when Ryder asked why she said, “Because I’m happy.”

Cheyenne admitted it was an emotional day. “Thank you @can_seco for capturing the moment I told Ryder, I was so emotional & she wiped away my tears.. a day I will never forget,” she wrote on Instagram.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss Teen Mom OG when it airs 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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