‘Teen Mom’ Star Cheyenne Floyd Faces Backlash

Cheyenne Floyd

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Cheyenne Floyd did not impress fans when she yelled at her ex, Cory Wharton.

“Teen Mom OG” star Cheyenne Floyd did not impress fans when she yelled at her ex, Cory Wharton. The former couple shares 4-year-old daughter Ryder together, and Wharton had to break the news to an “extra pregnant” Floyd that he might miss their child’s birthday.

Wharton was going to be in New York for work requirements related to his stints on MTV’s “The Challenge.” He was also going to stay in the Big Apple for an extra day to celebrate his 30th birthday and his partner, Taylor Selfridge, was planning to take him on a surprise vacation. Floyd was not pleased that Wharton was going to spend the majority of the month away from Ryder.

“I knew Cory had ‘The Challenge’ coming up but he just texted me that he’s leaving tomorrow for a few weeks of vacation,” Floyd said in a voice-over. “And I’m not happy about it.”

Floyd addressed Wharton’s schedule with him when he dropped their daughter off.

“All I’m saying is you’re doing a lot right now. You’re saying that you’re leaving tomorrow to go to shoot the reunion so you’ll be in New York for a week,” Floyd said, regurgitating Wharton’s proposed timeline. “‘I’m gonna be back maybe two weeks, maybe four, but then I’m gonna leave for two to four months.'”

Wharton tried to reason that it wasn’t his fault. “But you know that’s how ‘The Challenge’ works. I don’t have a schedule,” the MTV star told Floyd.

Floyd welcomed her second child, a son named Ace, with fiance Zach Davis in March 2021.

Floyd Chastised Wharton for Partying While She Was Pregnant

The “Teen Mom OG” star understood that Wharton had to work, but she didn’t like that he was going to spend a lot of his time enjoying himself.

“I get ‘The Challenge’ but let’s talk about all the fun things we’re doing prior to that,” she said. “Basically, we’re taking two to three weeks out of the month to celebrate Cory’s 30th. Understood. I just had to process that part.”

“So we’re now partying for four months while what am I doing extra pregnant, extra big, extra tired with extra heartburn trying to have a baby soon, chasing behind a 4-year-old,” Floyd continued.

She became irate when Wharton revealed he would probably miss their daughter’s birthday. “For you not to be able to attend Ryder’s party, you’re a piece of s***. Piece of s***. I don’t care,” she said. “Well, f*** you. I’m going to ask you to leave.”

The segment ended with Wharton leaving and asking Floyd to tell Ryder he loved her.

Fans Called Floyd ‘Selfish’

There were various threads on Reddit about Floyd’s behavior, as well as some viewers taking to Twitter to express their displeasure.

“Cheyenne is an absolute mess! Very selfish and rude person. Can’t stand her as a person! #TeenMomOG,” one person wrote.

“Cheyenne is dead a** wrong for speaking to her man like that. It was super selfish. He is a first time parent. All she had to do was be understanding and apologize for not considering him. #TeenMomOG,” another fan added.

One viewer claimed Floyd was “becoming totally unlikeable” in a Reddit thread that garnered hundreds of upvotes and comments.

“Did Cory knock her up? No. It’s not his problem she’s pregnant. He can be considerate but good lord. She’s literally unbearable. Screaming at all the producers, screaming at Zack, calling Cory names,” they said. “She seems mentally unstable. More than just being pregnant.”

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