Cheyenne Floyd’s Father Shares How to Co-Parent With ‘Deadbeat Dad’

Kyle and Cheyenne Floyd

Think Loud Crew / YouTube Kyle and Cheyenne Floyd

Father knows best.

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Cheyenne Floyd had her father, Kyle Floyd, on the January 30 episode of her podcast, “Think Loud Crew”. During the one-on-one interview, Cheyenne asked her father fan-submitted questions on many topics, including dating and parenthood.

“Please. How to co-parent with a dad who was never there, but now wants 50-50 [custody] because of his new girlfriend (and also doesn’t know how to be a dad because he’s never had that influence for himself)?” Cheyenne asked Kyle, who reframed the question as “How to co-parent with a deadbeat dad that now has a woman in his life that is not a deadbeat and is trying to bring him around to being a better person?”

Kyle and Cheyenne discussed the question, and both suggested that the person asking the question work with the “deadbeat dad”‘s new girlfriend to help him become a better father. “Because he was deadbeat in the past, doesn’t mean he’s going to be deadbeat forever,” Kyle said.

Cheyenne reminds her father that from the woman’s perspective, there may be a natural upsetness over the fact that the “deadbeat dad” in question is only changing his ways now at the behest of his new girlfriend, however “it has nothing to do with her”. She says that this girlfriend can help be the “catalyst” for positive change in the father’s life.

Cheyenne Floyd Reflects on Early Days Co-Parenting With Cory Wharton

Papa Kyle Floyd Is In The House Pt.1The time has come. Papa Kyle Floyd joins Cheyenne for a wild conversation you didn't see coming. Get prepared for some raunchy stories and parental advice as they answer your questions. This conversation was so rich, we decided to divide it in to two parts. Come back next week for pt. 2 of this hilarious…2023-01-30T14:00:08Z

The talk of co-parenting had Cheyenne reflecting on her own co-parenting journey with her MTV co-star Cory Wharton. The two share daughter Ryder (5), though had her unexpectedly after a one-off hook up, and Wharton’s paternity status was not confirmed until Ryder was six months old.

Although the two parents are not together, they have reached a good place in their co-parenting relationship, though it took them a while to reach this place, as Cheyenne admits.

“I know when Cory first started coming around, it’s like ‘You want a relationship with Ryder? You would sit there.’ … He didn’t take Ryder for months!,” Cheyenne said, “He would come over to my mom’s house and he would sit there for hours. Hours on hours. And then eventually he got enough courage to say ‘Can she come over?’ and I said ‘I’m coming too.'”

Even as Cory began dating his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge, Cheyenne said she had to warm up the the idea of allowing Ryder to be alone with the couple, though after a few years, “now it’s all good”.

Cheyenne Floyd Did Not Want Cory Wharton to Film ‘The Challenge’ When She Was Pregnant the Second Time

Despite making their way to a good place, Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton have had bumps in the road of their co-parenting relationship. One such bump came in early 2021. Us Weekly reported that Cheyenne was upset with Wharton for choosing to film a season of MTV’s “The Challenge” during her final months of pregnancy with her son Ace (whom she shares with now-husband Zach Davis).

“Normally I’m like, ‘Go have fun. Don’t ever come back.’ You know? But this one, I was like, ‘Nope, you need to stay right here,'” said Floyd, who wanted the extra support for Ryder as she prepared for Ace’s arrival. Cheyenne also admitted that she would have handcuffed Wharton to Ryder and his house if she had the chance.

Although the two “butted heads” during this time, as Wharton shared, they have since come to a much better place in their relationship.

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