Cheyenne Floyd Rants About Husband Zach Davis in New Post

Cheyenne Floyd

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTube Cheyenne Floyd

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Cheyenne Floyd took to social media to complain about her husband, Zach Davis, in a March 23 Instagram story.

“Good morning guys,” Floyd began her story from the car after dropping her daughter Ryder off at school, “I’ve been up since around 6 [a.m.], Zach went golfing this morning and he wasn’t very quiet leaving. He just wasn’t. It wasn’t in him to not turn the lights on, to not brush his teeth quietly, to not get dressed quietly. He just couldn’t do it… And then he had the nerve to call me and say ‘Are you mad?’. You want to know what I said because I am just – marriage is about compromise, picking your battles – and I said ‘No. No, I’m not mad. I’m just not. I’m okay. I’m doing great babe. Have fun golfing.'”

Cheyenne Floyd Thanks Fans for Allowing Her to ‘Vent’

Though annoyed at her husband’s volume that morning, Floyd was very thankful to her followers for listening and responding to her early-morning rant, saying to the camera, “I really appreciate you guys allowing me to have the space to vent and rant. You know sometimes you can’t always call your friends or your parents because you tell them one bad thing about your partner, your mate, and then that’s all they ever see, so I tell you guys instead.”

Floyd said she had heard from several fans who wondered if she blocked her husband from seeing her public story when she talks about him, and she admitted that she does not block him, and actually wants her husband to see her complaints, “I would love for him to see this and maybe receive the message in a different way, you know? Like ‘Oh wow, I could have did that differently’ or ‘Hmm, let me think about that’. So no, I don’t block him.

“When I say ‘Pick your battles’ you really have to pick your battles guys, because tomorrow night when I come in after girls’ night…” Floyd added, trailing off and letting the Instagram story continue to a gif of a woman throwing her purse into her kitchen and falling down drunk, over which Floyd wrote “actual footage of how I plan to come in the house tomorrow night 😂 plotting my revenge”.

Floyd’s wish that her husband would see her story came true, as Davis texted his wife saying “Lol really. Your mad mad,” which Floyd shared a screenshot of, writing “we have been spotted”. While Davis did not address Floyd’s complaints on his profile, he did share a photo from the golf course on his Instagram story.

Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis Worked Through Their Issues on ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion’

Davis surprised his wife when he showed up in Bend, Oregon while she was filming “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” and while there, he and Floyd met with life coach Dr. Cheyenne Bryant (known on the show as Coach B) to talk about their relationship ahead of their wedding. The couple opened up about their dynamic, and how Davis’s abandonment has caused him to act childish and Floyd to take on a mothering role for him.

“I have to work on letting Zach be a man, and a husband, and realize that I’m not Zach’s mom,” Floyd said in a confessional.

“It’s nothing but positivity coming from this, I feel like I had a weight off my shoulder,” Davis said of doing the session with Coach B.

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