Cheyenne Floyd Says She’s Uncertain About Her Marriage to Zach Davis

Zach Davis Cheyenne Floyd

MTV Zach Davis' past came back to haunt him right before his wedding to Cheyenne Floyd.

“Teen Mom” star Zach Davis’ past came back to haunt him right before his wedding to Cheyenne Floyd.

Davis pleaded no contest to driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a suspended or revoked license after an incident in June 2020, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported. He was sentenced to 120 days in jail and slapped with 60 months of probation, according to ET Online.

Moving forward, Cheyenne wants to make sure Zach’s past stays in his past. The new episode of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” was filmed before their September 29 wedding. At the time, Cheyenne and Zach were worried he might miss their wedding because he was going to be locked up.

“I’m not gonna get married to myself,” Cheyenne said on the episode.

She couldn’t change the wedding date because her father had already put his credit card down to hold the date.

“When I think about the stuff we have been through… We’ve been through hell and back,” Cheyenne said, possibly referring to the shooting they were involved in. “It just sucks thinking about everything we’ve gone through to get here and to still have to question it is s***.”

Cheyenne Wanted to Make Sure Her Future Husband Had Changed

Cheyenne doesn’t want to find out that her husband has been breaking the law again.

“If I’m honest, I just need a lot of reassurance that this is it,” she told her then-fiance. “The past is in the past. I need to know that you’re not gonna go back to old ways or dumb shit to make it happen. Like, that’s not what I need. You know what I mean?”

Zach promised that he wanted to do better.

“There’s no chance in hell that I’d risk my family, me being able to be a father, be a husband. You see the transition that I already made,” he said. “You see me trying so, I just need the consistent support you’re giving me already and I’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“This is it,” he added. “Promise.”

The couple did go through with their marriage and wedding as they planned. Zach turned himself in on November 1, per The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Zach Only Spent 1 Day in Jail

Despite facing four months of prison time, Zach only remained behind bars for a matter of hours.

He turned himself in on November 1 at 9:35 a.m. and was released on November 2 at 10:16 a.m., per The Ashley.

On her podcast, “Think Loud Crew,” Cheyenne said people have been making a lot of “assumptions” about her personal life.

She revealed Zach already spent time in jail after he was first arrested in 2020 and has been dealing with the aftermath.

She also explained why Zach’s jail time was so short.

“The fact is that, in California, you do 10 percent [of your sentence]. So if he was sentenced to 120 days, he only does 10 percent of 120 days which is, what, 12?” Cheyenne said, per The Ashley. “So it’s hard for him to come out and say, ‘I was sentenced to this but I’m only going to be [in jail] for a day.’ Then I feel like people are like, ‘You’re not owning up to your crime’ or ‘You’re not doing the time for your crime.’”

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