Kailyn Lowry’s Ex Takes Sides in Briana DeJesus Lawsuit

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MTV Kailyn Lowry's ex Chris Lopez issued a two-page affidavit in her defamation lawsuit against nemesis Briana DeJesus.

Chris Lopez, the ex-boyfriend of “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry, issued a two-page affidavit in her defamation lawsuit against nemesis Briana DeJesus.

In June, Lowry claimed DeJesus made “untrue statements” about an incident with Lopez that “harmed” the mother-of-four and accused DeJesus of defamation.

In August, DeJesus’ lawyer Marc Randazza claimed DeJesus did not defame Lowry because authorities said she was arrested for allegedly assaulting her ex, according to police records that were first shared by The Sun.

The lawsuit was first filed by Lowry after the MTV personality was cut from a June 8 episode of “Teen Mom 2.” DeJesus wrote it was because Lowry wanted to talk about her home build instead of her domestic issues with Lopez.

Now, Lopez is getting involved, saying in a two-page affidavit that he met with DeJesus and talked about the incident with Lowry.

“I met with Briana Soto in Miami on or around April 11, 2021. We spent a few days there together,” he said in the affidavit, according to documents obtained by Heavy. “On the first day we spent together, we spoke about the incident that happened between Kailyn Lowry and myself in September 2020 which resulted in Lowry’s arrest.”

“I told Briana that Kailyn punched me multiple times during this incident. I told Briana that Kailyn punched me because Kailyn was mad that I cut our son Lux’s hair,” he continued, according to the court documents.

“I told Briana that Kailyn learned of Lux’s haircut when she visited my mother’s home on September 4, 2020 to pick up Lux,” Lopez added, per the affidavit. “I told Briana that my mother and my sister were both present during this incident and witnessed Kailyn’s conduct.”

Lopez Claimed Lowry ‘Stormed’ Into His Mother’s House

In Lopez’s retelling of the incident, he claimed that Lowry “stormed” into his mother’s house.

“I told Briana that upon learning of Lux’s haircut, Kailyn became very upset, stormed into my mother’s home, and began to punch me,” the father-of-three said, according to court documents.

The future MTV personality said he did not become violent during the incident. “I told Briana that I did not fight back and continued to allow Kailyn to hit me,” he said, per the affidavit obtained by Heavy.

“I told Briana that my mother or sister pulled Kailyn away from me and told her to leave,” he continued, as noted by court records. “I told Briana that, after Kailyn punched me and left my mother’s home, I called the police.”

Lowry Filed the Lawsuit After DeJesus’ Interview With Celebuzz

DeJesus mocked Lowry for wanting to film about building her new house in Deleware instead of being open about her difficult relationship with Lopez.

“Like Kail is sitting on the show legitimately filming about a wallpaper color choice when she could be filming about a domestic abuse situation with Chris that I was told she was trying to hide,” DeJesus told Celebuzz.

“This was back when Lux’s hair was cut and she was allegedly arrested after allegedly getting into a physical altercation with Chris,” DeJesus added.

Shortly after DeJesus’ interview was posted, Lowry filed a lawsuit against her co-star.

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