Chris Lopez Bashes Kailyn Lowry Over Assumed Parenting Diss

Kailyn Lowry Chris Lopez

MTV/Kailyn Lowry "Teen Mom" alum Kailyn Lowry said her two children -- 4-year-old Lux and 22-month-old Creed -- do not have the same lifestyle when they are with their father, Chris Lopez.

“Teen Mom” alum Kailyn Lowry said her two children — 4-year-old Lux and 22-month-old Creed — do not have the same lifestyle when they are with their father, Chris Lopez.

The Deleware father-of-three — who welcomed his third son, Trew Christoper, in January — was not pleased when he read a summary of Lowry’s comments on Reddit.

He took a screenshot of the Reddit comment and then added his own message.

“Are you talking about your white privilege? Like other than a mansion and nanny what ya’ll got on me?” he said. “The other side goin teach them about FAMILY, and that money isn’t everything… and the only reality check they get is when they think though bout to bring that entitled bs over here.”

Heavy reached out to Lowry’s rep, but they had no comment.

Lowry is the mother of two more children. She shares her 12-year-old son Isaac with her high school boyfriend

Lowry Said Her Sons Have a ‘Reality Check’ With Lopez

Lowry was discussing Kelly Clarkson’s financial arrangement with co-host Vee Rivera on the “Missionary Kail and Doggy Style Vee” episode of “Baby Mamas No Drama.”

The hosts agreed Clarkson paying ex-husband Brandon Blackstock $45,000 a month in child support was astronomical. Rivera figured the amount was so high because their children were accustomed to a certain lifestyle. Lowry argued it’s a good thing for kids to see what it’s like to live differently.

“I won’t lie to you: I like that my kids don’t have the same lifestyle at Chris’ house. I feel like they will understand being good with money,” she told Rivera. “The goal is that they’re good with money and they can appreciate what they do have. And — this is legit no shade at Chris or anyone in his family — I like that they have a reality check over there.”

“Although, I wish that he had his own place and they had their own room, but they can never say that, you know, they were handed everything on a silver platter and they saw what the other side looks like,” Lowry added.

Lowry Has Been Battling Depression

Lowry revealed she has been suffering from mental health issues over the past year, sharing that she was diagnosed with depression.

Fans rallied behind the mother-of-four after her foe, Briana DeJesus, took a jab at her for being open about her mental health. DeJesus has been taking virtual laps on social media since Lowry lost her defamation trial, but social media users said coming at Lowry for depression was a “new low.”

“Taking antidepressants once you realized you can’t always use the court room/ color of ur skin to shut people up. High light of my life = having a loving family which u don’t have so I’ll always be winning,” DeJesus wrote in a since-deleted tweet, posted to Teen Mom Fanz’s Instagram page.

Viewers called for DeJesus to be fired by MTV after she mocked Lowry for taking medication and being estranged from her biological parents, Suzi Irwin and Raymond Lowry.

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