Chris Lopez Breaks Silence on Ex-Girlfriend Kailyn Lowry

Chris Lopez Kailyn Lowry

Chris Lopez/Kailyn Lowry "Teen Mom 2" alum Chris Lopez stopped himself while talking about his ex-girlfriend, podcast host Kailyn Lowry.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Chris Lopez stopped himself while talking about his ex-girlfriend, podcast host Kailyn Lowry.

The former couple has two children together — 5-year-old Lux and 2-year-old Creed — but rumors are swirling that Lowry has a fifth child on the way.

So far, Lopez has flip-flopped on the pregnancy rumors. He was one of the first people to fuel the rumor and then back-tracked when a “Teen Mom” fan page said the rumor was “confirmed” by one of his family members. He deleted his Instagram following that revelation and hasn’t returned to the social media site, but his TikTok is still active.

That’s where he made his latest gaffe.

Lopez, 28, started out by addressing Lux’s name while he was going live on TikTok.

“Lux asks me about his name all the time, yo. He asks me about his name all the time,” he said at the beginning of the video,  which was recorded by a user on Reddit.

“Can you take her?” he said, reiterating a fan question.

“Hell, yeah. They better have that same energy for this, this…” Lopez stopped in the middle of his sentence. His eyes opened wide and he covered his mouth.

He then let out a laugh and continued speaking, saying “hell yeah” twice.

“Kail Lowry is… that’s dookie s***,” he said about the mother of his two eldest children, referring to her as “it.”

“It’s career is washed,” Lopez said. “It’s over. Kail Lowry is washed.”

Lowry didn’t immediately respond to Lopez’s comments about being “washed.”

Lowry’s Podcast Is Award-Nominated

Lopez might think Lowry is “washed,” but her “Coffee Convos” podcast was nominated for Best Podcast of the Year by the American Influencer awards.

Voting for the podcast is still underway.

Lowry reportedly landed a $2 million deal to record “Coffee Convos,” which she co-hosts with former reality TV star Lindsie Chrisley.

According to Chartable, “Coffee Convos” falls in Apple Podcast’s top 40 shows in the U.S. The podcast has more than 220,00 followers on Instagram. 

The former “Teen Mom” star is also the host of “Barely Famous” — where she interviews quasi-famous people — and “Baby Mamas No Drama,” which she co-hosts with Vee Rivera, the stepmother of her eldest son, 12-year-old Isaac.

Lowry’s second eldest son, 8-year-old Lincoln, is from her relationship with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin. The former couple was married for five years.

Lowry has since moved on with her current boyfriend, 24-year-old Elijah Scott.

Lopez Seemingly Disspelled Rumors Lowry Was Pregnant Again

Fans assumed Lowry was pregnant again after Lopez went on Instagram live and tweeted that said she needed to “protect the belly.” He then walked back his comments when a fan account “confirmed” the pregnancy and cited a Lopez family member as their source.

“We found out just like y’all,” he said, according to screenshots posted by fan accounts. “I was talking [shit] with no actual proof but at this point show the ‘family member’ because none of the family I know one the information given.”

“And I been pretty vocal about fan pages to follow and this one was never one,” he continued. “So why would my so-called ‘family member’ not go to chatter instead.”

Lopez said she was just “talking s***.”


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