Chris Lopez Says Kailyn Lowry ‘Lied’ About Child Support

Kailyn Lowry Chris Lopez

MTV "Teen Mom" star Chris Lopez said he's "sick of it" when talking on the WeJustTalk’n podcast.

“Teen Mom” star Chris Lopez said he’s “sick of it” when talking on the WeJustTalk’n podcast.

Lopez indirectly talked about his ex-girlfriend, “Teen Mom 2” alum Kailyn Lowry, saying he was the only one of her exes who hasn’t spoken out.

“People want to know my story but I’m sick of my story. I’m so sick of it. It’s old now. It’s like, I don’t really care,” Lopez said. “Nobody knows my story. I got judged off nobody knowing my story.”

“It’s crazy cause as long as I’ve been dealing with this — five, six years, probably — I’m the only one who hasn’t told his story. Everybody else has,” he added. “And I get bashed the worst of it. That’s the crazy part.”

Lopez said he wasn’t ready for the attention that came with being with Lowry.

“I ain’t gonna lie: When I first started up, I didn’t really want it because I wasn’t ready for it,” he said.

Lopez is the father of three children. He shares 4-year-old Lux and 21-month-old Creed with Lowry. Lopez welcomed his youngest son, Trew Christoper, in January, with an unidentified woman.

Lopez Said He Was a ‘Bad Dad’

Teen Mom dad Chris Lopez talks child supportMen choose who they marry. Women choose when they’ll have a baby.2022-05-27T22:00:14Z

Lopez, 28, admitted he wasn’t the best father when his eldest son, Lux, was born.

“I could say I was a bad dad at a point because I was letting the relationship with the mother effect how I was parenting,” he said. “When you’re in a bad place it really affects everything. I was not the best me.”

Lopez denied being with Lowry for fame and said he thought he was “in love” with her. He emphasized that the attention that came along with being with her had nothing to do with his relationship. “Yeah, but I always hid in the back. I was always in the back,” he said.

Lopez attributes his depression as one of the reasons he wasn’t the best version of himself when Lux was born. “I was so stressed out I almost checked myself into a home, mental home, just to get some peace,” he said. “That’s how bad. I just wanted peace, for like five minutes.”

“I was like man, I’ll check myself in,” he added.

Lopez Said Lowry ‘Lied’ to Him About Child Support

As Lowry previously talked about, Lopez considered signing away his rights to Lux. He backed out of the decision after the judge talked to him privately.

“She lied to get me on child support,” Lopez said on the We Just Talk’n podcast. “I didn’t even know I was on child support though. For like two-three years my s***’s been building up.”

“…I thought it was off. She filed to take me off and they denied it. And then, like, I ain’t know, cause, like, I thought I was off or some s*** — she told me it was off, some mix up — I was on it the whole time,” Lopez continued. “And you know how I found out? She put it out in court in a custody hearing.”

Lopez claimed Lowry was going to drop the child support if he did a podcast with her.

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