Chris Lopez Admits to Threatening Kailyn Lowry to Dr. Drew

Chris Lopez Kailyn Lowry

MTV/Kailyn Lowry "Teen Mom 2" subject Chris Lopez admitted that he, "said some things out of anger," to Kailyn Lowry.

“Teen Mom 2” subject Chris Lopez admitted that he, “said some things out of anger,” to Kailyn Lowry after she claimed he “tried to kill” her in October 2019 during part two of the reunion on May 24.

Lopez maintained he didn’t “beat” or “injure” Lowry, but said they both “did some things.”

“It’s — it’s — it’s faults on both sides. Whatever’s been said about me from her can literally be said about them, so it’s more like I ain’t out to sit here and tell y’all exactly what this — what’s happened,” Lopez said. “But it’s been abuse on both sides.”

Reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky asked Lopez if she ever threatened violence or injured Lowry.

“Injure? No. She’s making it seem like I really beat her,” he said. “That’s the — that’s the story going around, like I actually beat this girl. I never beat her.”

Pinsky wanted to know if Lopez ever “threatened” Lowry.

“I might have said some things out of anger,” the father-of-three admitted. “I don’t necessarily know exactly what I said, but I said some — I’m not gonna stand here and act like I’m innocent.”

Lopez Said He Was Punished For His Actions

Lopez didn’t go into specifics about the incident, but he did allude to the time he spent behind bars.

“I did — I done things. And I — and I served for it. You know like, I got handed my punishment,” he said. “I’m not ’bout to let y’all keep punishing me for something I did three, four years ago.”

“That’s what people do,” Lopez continued. “They use my past as a way to constantly try to, you know.”

Lopez was arrested in January 2020 and served seven days in jail for violating a protection from abuse order that Lowry had against him, as noted by In Touch Weekly.

Lowry was arrested in September 2020 after Lopez claimed Lowry hit him, but the charges were ultimately dropped.

Lowry and Lopez have two children together: 4-year-old Lux and 1-year-old Creed. They both have children from other relationships, too. Lopez is also the father to 4-month-old Trew Christopher, who he calls CJ; and Lowry shares 12-year-old Isaac with her high school boyfriend Jo Rivera and 8-year-old Lincoln with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Lopez Said He Isn’t Angry Anymore

Lopez maintained that he’s a changed man.

“I’m honest with myself. I’m, like, at a — at a different place. Like I said, I’m not angry no more,” he said. “I’m not — I’m not mad. I’m none of that. I wish the best for everybody.”

Lopez wants to work through his problems with Lowry.

“As far as Kail, I don’t have no issues with this girl. Like, I genuinely wanna get along. Our kids deserve it. It’s been too long,” he said.

Pinsky wondered if Lopez still had romantic feelings for Lowry. “She had said she was very much in love with you. Were you in love with her?” he asked.

Lowry’s feelings were one-sided.

“Yeah, I was in love with that girl. That’s why I chose to stay quiet for so long. Cause it’s like, yo, that was really my — that was my dawg, like, you feel me?” he said. “So for all this to be going down, it kinda — it do suck.”

“Like yeah, we can say we toxic now. But we great when we get along,” he added.

Lopez said that he’s single, but Lowry has moved on. She went Instagram public with her new boyfriend, 23-year-old Elijah Scott.

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