Chris Lopez Drags Kailyn Lowry for ‘Sleeping With’ New Man

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" star Chris Lopez does not want his children to know what's happening in their mother's private life.

“Teen Mom 2” star Chris Lopez does not want his children to know what’s happening in their mother’s private life. His two oldest sons — 4-year-old Lux and 20-month-old Creed — are from his relationship with MTV personality Kailyn Lowry.

It was previously revealed Lowry was in a relationship with a man named Malik Montgomery, but — according to Lopez — Lowry has moved on with a new man. Lopez claimed on his podcast, “P.T.S.D. Pressure Talks With Single Dads” that Lowry was living with her new beau and he wasn’t happy that he was hearing details about her private life from Lux.

“There’s no reason why my 4-year-old should be telling me about every dude you’re sleeping with,” he said on the April 12 episode, called “Fumbled the Bag.” “Cause he was just telling me about this last dude and now he’s telling me about the new dude.”

Lopez said his ire had nothing to do with jealousy, saying: “I hate that when you’re trying to have a conversation, they always try to take it like you hurt or you’re coming from a place of being mad and it’s like bro, it’s not that.”

Lopez maintained that Lux shouldn’t know anything about dating yet.

“Let’s think about it: He’s 4. My kid don’t know nothing about boyfriend or girlfriend,” Lopez said, referring to Lux. “He don’t know about that stuff so that means you gotta be talking about it. That means that s*** gotta be going on.”

“And this is a new guy because this is not the guy… like everybody thinks… this is a whole different dude,” Lopez said, likely referring to Montgomery. “What my son told me was true, you feel me?”

Lopez didn’t say the name of the new person in Lowry’s life, but fan accounts on Instagram — like Wawamelen and Teen Mom Chatter — said he was a 24-year-old divorcee who was in the military and lives in the house behind Lowry’s.

Lopez Doesn’t Have a Personal Problem With Lowry’s New Man

Lopez figured the new guy has been around for some time because he was holding his middle son, Creed. Lopez has a third son, Trew Christopher, with a woman whose identity is private.

“The boyfriend was holding my son, Creed, and Creed don’t let just anybody hold him. That means, it came into my head like, ‘Oh, this [n-word] must have been around for a while,” Lopez said on “P.T.S.D.”

Lopez introduced himself to the new guy and shook his hand. “I’m not at that place to care. Like you make her happy bro, please continue doing whatever the f*** you’re doing,” he said, referring to Lowry.

In fact, Lopez was happy that Lowry was dating because she asked if he wanted both kids for spring break during her week. Lopez said he was thrilled to have more time with Lux and Creed.

Lopez Said He Was Shocked to Find Out Lowry Is Living With Her New Man

While Lowry being happy in a new relationship has its benefits, Lopez was worried that Lowry was moving too fast, especially when he found out her new boyfriend was living with her and his children.

“You moving a little wild… just keep your private life private,” Lopez said on his podcast, referring to Lowry. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. I wasn’t disrespecting anybody and their response kinda blew my head.”

“They told me that the dude lives with them. Kinda threw my head off. But I can’t control what you do,” he said.

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