Viewers Meet Cole DeBoer’s Parents After ‘Unexpected’ Gift on ‘Down Home Fab’

Cole DeBoer

Cole DeBoer Cole DeBoer's parents appeared on the third episode of "Down Home Fab."

HGTV star Cole DeBoer’s parents made their debut on “Down Home Fab,” when the third episode premiered on January 29. Fans of Deboer and his wife, Chelsea Houska, were able to meet her parents — Randy and Mary Houska — on “Teen Mom,” but DeBoer’s parents didn’t make their reality TV debut until the couple moved to HGTV.

Houska, 31, surprised DeBoer, 34, with two alpacas. Houska’s 13-year-old daughter, Aubree, helped Houska with the present.

“I have an idea that I wanted to include you on,” Houska told her eldest daughter. “Okay, so Cole’s birthday is coming up, right? I’m not ever good with surprises and so I wanna do something unexpected. I want to surprise him with alpacas.”

Aubree was thrilled. “That would be amazing,” she said.

Houska entrusted Aubree to keep the secret. “He can’t know,” the mother-of-four emphasized.

Aubree teased her mother, saying she didn’t think Houska would be able to keep the secret. “Okay, I don’t trust myself either but this is one time I’m gonna keep a secret. But the best part about this is they do better with a companion for that just means we need two.”

DeBoer and Houska have created a mini menagerie on their Sioux, Falls, South Dakota property. They have goats, highland cows, chickens, ducks, dogs and a pig named Pete, who Houska has had since she was on “Teen Mom.”

“Cole, the farm animals are like his friends,” Houska said.

“He always complains about them, but he loves them,” Aubree added.

When the trailer pulled up with the alpacas, DeBoer said he was “impressed.”

“This is quite the surprise,” he said. “Alright, I’m ready for the love.”

“I feel great watching our little funny farm grow,” DeBoer added in a confessional. “They become my friends.”

Houska also loves growing their farm. “It makes me so happy every time I pull in our driveway seeing all of our goofy animals,” she said.

DeBoer’s Dad Helped Him With a Project

DeBoer’s parents — Jenny and Brent DeBoer– made their reality TV debut after meeting the alpacas.

DeBoer also asked him to help build a trough for the new additions.

“I feel like the relationship between my dad and I, it’s just fun,” DeBoer said in a confessional. “We like to give each other a lot of grief. And, you know, we’re always just having a good time.”

“Yes, I love Cole’s dad, he’s so funny,” Houska added.

While building the feeding box, DeBoer told his dad it’s been “chaos” and “fun” to renovate the houses for “Down Home Fab.”

“I’m sure you’ve learned a lot,” his dad said.

The father-son duo finished making the trough for the alpacas and said they enjoyed doing the project.

Unlike Houska’s parents — who are active on social media — DeBoer’s parents are more private.

Houska’s Animals Rarely Appeared on ‘Teen Mom’

Even though Houska has always had dogs and a pig, the animals rarely made appearances on “Teen Mom” because they would get nervous around the cameras.

“I’ve said this before but when there’s a crew of 6-10 people plus Cole me& the kids in my not so huge living room, my animals get anxiety,” Houska explained via Twitter in July 2018. “I’ve found it’s easier to have them downstairs (with giant couch to lounge and the tv on) when everyone is there.”

It’s a different dynamic on “Down Home Fab.” HGTV often shows footage of the animals roaming around outside.

“Down Home Fab” airs on HGTV Mondays at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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