PHOTO: Fans Spot Clue David Eason Is Coming Back to ‘Teen Mom’

Jenelle Evans David Eason

MTV Eason was fired from "Teen Mom" in 2018 after he posted racist and homophobic messages online.

“Teen Mom” fans think they found a clue David Eason was returning to the series after a photo from “Girls’ Night In” was posted online. His wife, Jenelle Evans, returned to “Teen Mom” to film the spinoff, which is where the cast members sit on the couch together and share their thoughts on the happens of other “Teen Mom” stars.

Jenelle, Jade Cline, Brittany DeJesus and Briana DeJesus were watching an episode of “Teen Mom: OG” and started to crack up when they noticed the puppets sitting behind Amber Portwood during her scene. “What are those?” they demanded to know. A producer revealed the dolls were toys for James, the 4-year-old son Amber shares with her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon.

David was fired from “Teen Mom” in 2018 after he wrote homophobic and racist statements on social media. Jenelle was fired the following year after David shot and killed their dog, Nugget.

For the first time in years, Jenelle returned to “Teen Mom” in 2022 to attend Briana’s “I Won” party. She briefly complained about her relationship with David, and then exited the episode without much fanfare. She then returned to MTV to film “Girls’ Night In.”

It’s unlikely she’ll return to “Teen Mom” properly. According to Jenelle’s rep August Keen, she’s working on her own show right now.

Did David Attend the ‘Girls’ Night In’ Filming?

The cameras pulled away, showing other people in the room. One of them was tall and named David, leading fans to believe Jenelle’s husband might have been at the taping.

A fan shared a screenshot of the latest “Girls’ Night In” episode. “Was UBT at Girls Night In or is that the producer’s name? Whoever it is asked what a BBL was,” they asked.

Some people argued it was possible David was there since he typically likes to attend MTV events with his wife.

“David always has to be with Jenelle so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was sitting in a chair off camera,” they said.

Others said it could be David because he didn’t have tattoos and probably wouldn’t be wearing a mask.

“David can’t go to these things. He threatened mtv. His lower arms and hands are also distinctive because of the tattoos and vitiligo and not a chance on earth he would wear a face diaper,” said one of the most popular responses on the Reddit thread.

Jenelle Approves of Her Appearance in ‘Girls’ Night In’

Jenelle was pleased with the way MTV edited Girls’ Night In, and she promoted the episode on her Instagram.

“Now I don’t have to hide this pic anymore 🙃 Hanging with girls that get along was so refreshing,” she wrote on November 10. “This time filming was actually fun and I can say safely you guys can go check out last night’s episode of @TeenMom : Girls Night In on @MTV because I approve 🥰💯🎉.”

She didn’t mention if David was at the filming or not, but she did create a new TikTok that showed a then-and-now of herself with her husband. The first picture showed them when they were 30 and 34 — there’s a few couple snaps in between — and then the last photo showed them when they were 23 and 27.

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