David Eason Accuses Daughter of Lying in Court

David Eason

YouTube/Jenelle Eason Former "Teen Mom 2" star David Eason was accused of gaslighting his daughter after he claimed she lied in court.

Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason was accused of gaslighting his daughter Maryssa after he claimed that she lied in court. David and wife Jenelle Evans were investigated by child protective services last year after they faced abuse allegations. All three children–Maryssa, Kaiser and Ensely–were briefly removed from the home in 2019 but were returned once the investigation concluded. Since then, Jenelle has released a six-part tell-all series called “I Have Something To Say.”

The final episode includes a phone conversation with Maryssa, who is sobbing while she talks to David at around the 12-minute mark. As soon as they get on the phone, Maryssa starts crying. “I’m scared I’m gonna get in trouble when I get over there!” she tells her father.

David does most of the talking in the call and asks what “trouble” means to Maryssa. She says yelling. He claims he never yelled at her and then accuses her of lying on the stand.

“You don’t have anything to be scared of no matter what you did, but getting on the stand is not what we’re here to talk about right now. We’re talking about you just coming back to the house,” David says.

“You will never have to go and tell any more things about me in court. You’ll never have to tell things that are not true. You told some things that were not true—and you might not realize that—but we’ll talk about it if you want to. If you don’t want to, we won’t,” he continues. “It’s not anything that will make you in trouble—whatever you think trouble is—because you’ve never been in trouble at my house and I have never yelled at you. I don’t know what you’re even talking ‘bout. You’ve never been yelled at by anyone at my house.”

I Have Something to Say – Episode 6 FINALFINAL EPISODE for the end of my Docuseries about my case with #CPS . Behind the scene details about the social worker which lead to the verdict of our court case! Watch private #Vlog footage from July 2019 and a very insightful audio conversation between David and Maryssa. Subscribe and like this video! Thanks for…2020-10-14T14:22:14Z

Maryssa Was Afraid She Wouldn’t Be Able To See Her Grandmother & Mother

Maryssa then asks if she’ll still be able to see her grandmother and mother once she moves in with David again, and he accuses her of asking a question she already knows the answer to. “You can go see your ganny all you want to. I don’t care,” he says.

David claims Maryssa is making things up. “Don’t argue with the situation. Just stay calm. You’re making a problem in your own mind that doesn’t even exist. Like you’re crying and sobbing when nothing has even happened to you,” he says. “If you want to go over some stories about somethings that happened to me when I was a kid that will make you cry, then you might realize that there’s a reason why you should cry. But right now you’re just sobbing and crying and putting on a show for absolutely no reason.”

He threatens to take her “to the doctor” if she doesn’t stop crying. “Stop putting on a show or a façade like there’s a bunch of problems. You still have not to this day after so many weeks given anyone why a reason why you are upset or scared. Or why you’re crying right now,” David says. “Maryssa, you need to calm down. If you can’t calm down, we’re going to take you to the doctor. You understand?”

Viewers Accused David of Manipulating Maryssa

David Eason

YouTubeSome netizens accused David of “gaslighting” Maryssa, saying the audio was “gut-wrenching” to listen to.

Some people in the comments section under the YouTube video were shocked that Jenelle had uploaded the conversation. Others accused him of “gaslighting” Maryssa, saying the audio was “gut-wrenching” to listen to.

“That phone call is the definition of gaslighting,” one person wrote. “My god they are disgusting humans. They aren’t even fit to have animals much less children. The way he spoke to his child is vile!” another added.

“I can’t believe they actually put that phone call in this!!! That was gut-wrenching to listen to! Poor girl,” a netizen said. “He is telling his own child that her feelings are invalid, yet you can hear the fear in her voice. My stomach is turning,” another commenter wrote.

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