Jenelle Evans Faces Major Drug Allegation Involving Ensley

Jenelle Evans

MTV The reality TV star lashed out against "Teen Mom 2" alum Jenelle Evans in an unexpected video.

Former “90 Day Fiance” star Deavan Clegg lashed out against “Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans in an unexpected video, titled “All About the Mystery of the Girls Podcast.”

The reality TV stars were supposed to star in the now-defunct podcast “Girl Sh*t,” but have been fighting online since the project fell through before its April 1 launch date.

Clegg, 25, took to Instagram on June 28 after Evans, 29, made a video of her own the same day, where she accused Evans of drunk driving and being high around her 4-year-old daughter Ensley, Starcasm reported on June 29.

Though Clegg eventually deleted the video, it was uploaded to YouTube and transcribed by Starcasm.

“It’s unacceptable that you guys brought, like, a huge amount of marijuana… and traveled with it, somewhere where it’s illegal with your child in the car,” Clegg claimed in her social media rant. “You broke the law.”

“Driving high and drunk with your child — unacceptable,” she added. “You need help. Get help! You both need help. You need help.”

Clegg, who also works as a model, claimed she had evidence that Evans and her husband David Eason drink heavily around their 4-year-old.

“You need to stop drinking. It is unacceptable how much you and your husband drink around your child, and then drove with her in the car,” she said.

“I have proof of that too,” Clegg continued. “So don’t come here and say you didn’t do that. So don’t say you’re gonna sue me and I’m gonna lose because you didn’t drink and drive. You did. Both of you did.”

Clegg Denied Stealing Evans’ Medication

Deavan Clegg Responds To Jenelle Eason’s Claims That Deavan Stole Jenelle’s Xanax! UNACCEPTABLE!Join this channel to get access to perks: This video is for entertainment purposes only. All views expressed on this channel are strictly an opinion made by Elle Bee based off the information she has gathered on each topic. If you would like to donate to my channel my cashapp tag is: $EllBee7 To…2021-06-28T23:18:30Z

During her 44-minute YouTube video, the former “Teen Mom 2” star indirectly accused Clegg of stealing her prescription medication.

The TLC personality said Evans was talking about Xanax and denied stealing the medicine, saying she was pregnant at the time. She also doesn’t like Xanax because her aunt — who is now deceased — overdosed on the drug.

“Everyone who is my fan knows that Xanax is what took my aunt’s life. She was hooked on Xanax,” Clegg explained. “And she overtook it, and she became addicted to it, which led to her death — ultimately making her commit suicide a day she took a lot of it. So everyone knows I do not like Xanax.”

Clegg, who suffered a miscarriage, also referenced her pregnancy. “I was pregnant! Why on Earth would I be stealing your medicine? You accused me of that. That is illegal,” she said in her response to Evans’ video. “Everything you are saying is a lie.”

In her video, Evans claimed that Clegg and TikTok star Gabbie Egan were using her car while they were working on their podcast in Tennessee in March.

“When I left Tennessee, my anxiety medicine was missing for my esophagus and I don’t think Gabbie had anything to do with it,” Evans said. “And it’s really sad because I have esophagus problems daily. My food makes me choke. It was gone. It was gone at the time that I needed it the most.”

Clegg Is Threatening to Sue Evans

Clegg is planning to sue the “Teen Mom 2” star and accused her of cyberbullying and defamation, the TLC star’s rep Lindsay Feldman of BrandBomb Marketing told TMZ. 

The former “90 Day Fiance” star “feels attacked and plans to hold everyone legally accountable,” her rep told the outlet.

The TLC personality made similar allegations in her tirade against Evans. “Jenelle, I am taking you to court,” Clegg also said in her video, which was uploaded to YouTube. “I am suing you now. This is unacceptable. I promised my love I wouldn’t get into a lawsuit — I didn’t want to go through that pain, but accusing me of stealing your drugs is illegal.”

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